October 4th, 2005

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More cosplay randomness 8D

Five more pics!

Characters: Cloud Strife & Tifa Lockhart


Cloud Strife
Costume + Model - Me
Makeup - Kamishiro Nereid
Hair - Kamishiro Nereid & Himiko

Tifa Lockhart
Costume + Makeup + Model - Kamishiro Nereid
Hair - Me

saharasnow, piyo2himi & aureril

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P.S.: My Cloudy wolf fell off my armor and broke into little pieces. T______T

P.P.S.: Can you tell that this shoot is incredibly pro-CloTi? XD

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(no subject)

Could people please have a look at my second attempt at Animation at http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/23615032/ ... It's funneh and AC related but no spoilers... Promise ^^, Please... lemme know how I did either commenting on there or here.

Also while you're at my devArt, I have my first animation on there, a short Vincent thing and two chocobo drawings under the title "Riokah"
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FFVII Campaign looking for players

Hey everyone,

A friend and I are starting an FFVII RPG game/campaign soon and are in need of players.
The game will be held on sunday evenings and we are looking for mature ( in the head and above 18 preferably ), creative and dedicated gay/ni/lesbian and/or gay friendly players.( we can even accept a few rabid yaoi fangirls :P )

The game itself will start two years after Advent Children and will loosely make use of the Returner's FFRPG Engine ( http://www.returnergames.com/wiki/ )

You're a nub at the FFRPG engine? Not a prob, I can show you the ropes.

Keep in mind this is not a by-post RPG, we will gather every sunday evenings ( around 7 or 8 PM EST ) on mIRC and hold a 3-4 hours gaming session. It will be roleplay and character interaction/development heavy... so if you're a kick in the door, kill everything in sight kind of player, stop reading here and move on to the next entry.

Character Creation will be very permissive as long as requests are serious and reasonable.
Exemple of Reasonable Requests: '' Can I be a Cetra? '' '' Can I own a motorcycle? ''
Exemple of Unreasonable Requests: '' Can I be Sephiroth's Reincarnation? '' '' Can I own the Highwind? ''

Places are limited ( looking for maybe 5-6 players max )

The game setting is behind the cut ( Beware... it's a long read )
PS: Try not to mind the SP errors if there are any as it's 3AM and my proofreading skills are pretty much dead.

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FFVII: Advent Children Tifa Hi-Res Images

No spoilers, don't worry. ^^ Oh and this would be my last post for the day, amd I am not trying to spam. ^^ Sorry if it seemed that way, heh.

My friends and I are planning to create an Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children cosplay group, and I am going as Tifa of Advent Children. Well.. I am picky when it comes to fabric and details and all that. I was wodering if any of you have hi-res images of AC Tifa that I can use as reference so I can make my costume as accurate as possible? It would be a shame to use the wrong materials and cosplay a character in an amazing movie with eye candy graphics, doncha think? ^^

Please please direct me to a link, send it thru megaupload or something.. or upload it to photobucket.. whatever suits you and the images.. thank you very much. I will love you forever. Really.

Thanks in advance!

*** X-posted everywhere.
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sticks, figures drawn by me

(no subject)

Does anyone else find it odd that the shinra people are getting talked about more than the "main" characters these days? I've been into ff7 for a while now, and the whole thing with advent children coming out and all the other things are seeming a bit surreal now. o_O;;

Btw, there's a little shinra community I'm in that's really dead, anyone wanna have some wild parties there? :P

True Advent Children Style Sample Screencaps

Just some screencaps from the tweakin' around of the AC sub file, just to give you a guys a sample of all the crazyness that I've put into this glorious movie and then ruining it! XDDD

I figured I post these preview screencaps in this community as well.

Oh yeah, since I'm so creative with titles, I named this title True Advent Children Style.

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Well, that's all for now. I hope you people like my little preview screencaps.

Comment with suggestions or what you think, yo!


Oh yeah, I forgot this one. This was my first screencap.

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Well, that is all!
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Oh, and spoilers of course. Arrgh.
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FFXIII; Snow - Doubt

(no subject)

I was planning on buy this month's volume of New Type USA but I don't know whether I should spend $13 on a magazine. Does anyone know if New Type USA cover alot on Advent Children or is it just like 1 or 2 pages? Thanks for your help ^__^
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Hello people. :3 My first post here, yay. I made Kadaj, Tifa, and Marlene colorbars in my spare time. They're not much, but I like them anyway.

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(no subject)

...I made an AMV.

It's my first one EVER so the timing and such is a bit quirky, but I'm proud of it nonetheless.

"We Can't Afford To Be Innocent"

It DOES contan spoilers, so anyone who hasn't seen the movie may not want to watch it.

EDIT: The old link led to a b0rked file, but this one is better now. Sorry about the trouble there....
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(no subject)

hey whats up. my name is josh. i just downloaded the movie. in its japanese subtitled version

im going to buy it when it comes out

all i have to say is.....FFFFF****CKINNNNN A!!!!!

and thats that. i got final fantasy VII when i was like a freshman or something in high school and i played it for 3 years straight.

Ready for Round Two?!

Well, I bare more sample screencaps of True Advent Children Style, and ICONS!!

Just two icons, actually, not done by me, but posted because they need to be:

1. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 2. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

First one made by 24cylinders, second icon made by cutewishes, third - sixth icons made by korekara, seventh icon made by hydrangea.

If you want to use them, please comment and credit.

Anyway, onto the second patch of TACS preview pics!

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Well, that's all for now.

I hope you people think I'm not losing my touch, here! XDDD

Comment away, yo!
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(no subject)

Hey, new here. Yadda yadda. I saw AC the other day. Fantastic movie. =) Reno I think was by far my favorite character. He made me smile. I should be getting a copy of it soon from a friend of mine. Can't wait! :D And once it comes out on DVD here I'll most definately buy it. Just to watch Reno on a bigger screen than a moniter! I think a few of y'all can relate to my Reno love. ;)

And just a quick question that I hope y'all don't find too weird or off-topic.

Buuuuuut. Does anyone know where I can get some downloads of hairs and clothing for characters from AC for the Sims 2? Particularly of Reno and the other Turks? (I looked on modthesims2, and all I found was a few good Clouds/Sephiroths, but everthing else I found wasn't to my liking). Thanks! If this is too off topic I'll delete it. =)
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