October 3rd, 2005

Cy-chan desu~

FF7 ~ Fanart pimp 006

Artist: cyberhell
Characters: Cid and Vincent
Disclaimer: these lovely characters belong to Square Enix
Note: a very quicke oekaki sketch and colored lazily XD;;; *diez* anyway, this fanart contains some YAOI theme or boys love! if you're not really keen on yaoi-ness, just skip this entry or simply click the link with cautious XD;
Rating: M (for kissing and hugging!)

( the kiss~ (follow the fake cut~ XD;) )

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I'm currently in need of a couple of people for the RP I set up last week. It's at ffvii_ac_rpg.

We need a Barret, and we'll also take a couple of non-canon players (subject to a character application).

Anyone who's interested, please let me know here, or in the RP journal!

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Yo!~ Not exactly a new or old member, more like a lurker that comes out when there's a need. 8D I see fanart here now and then and thought 'hey~ there's too much silver-haired boys~ what about the rest?'

so i bring you Collapse ) <- oh and the last drawing might be a spoiler but *rolls eyes*.
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Got Turks?

I was curious to know if anyone has stumbled across sites that give more information on the Turks, particularly all those pictured in the Before Crisis poster and shown briefly in Last Order. The only info I could find was that the guy with the red short hair is named Verudo, apparently the leader of the Turks prior to Tseng.

Help much appreciated, thanks! =D
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misc ✝ swept.

Icony Gifts

My first post here, I do believe. :) Anyhow, I come bearing gifts in the form of several icons:
+ 2 Reno
+ 2 Cloud
+ 1 sort-of Reno/Cloud
+ 1 Kadaj
+ 1 Tseng & Elena



( Follow the very fake cut for more )

x-posted to renobsession and renocloud (apologies if I've taken over anyone's flist).
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Advent Children...parody! yes, another one!

Okay, so because hitokirijo made me, I wrote and sang a medly of parodied advent children songs and recorded it. Featuring the blatant misuse of Deep Purple tunes, bad piano playing and..er..other lovely things.

(click for the download link and lyrics. omg, this cut is so fake.)

*rolls away*

obligatory legal disclamer thingy: If I owned Final Fantasy, I would be rich. Obviously, I do not own it.
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Zack/wolf theory

Hello everyone, I'm back to send out another theory about AC. The last one/first I had was about Rufus and it was correct! Go me!

If you didn't see the movie I guess you shouldn't look? I dunno.

But anyways, it's about the wolf that randomly showed up throughout the movie and I think that it may be Zack.

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