October 2nd, 2005

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Advent Children; omg_ac

The newest OMG rp, omg_ac, has finally open to accept applications! Based off of such popular rps as omg_maou and omg_loveless this one is just as fun guaranteed.

Hojo is alive, and due to one of his experiments there are clones appearing everywhere! There are two Cloud Strifes, two Tifas, everyone seems to have aquired a double. Not only that, the clones have a mindset all their own, most are the polar opposite of the originals.

Aeris and Zack have returned to lend everyone a helping hand, and Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo, and Sephiroth are back to torment the world once again. Unfortunately, the only fighting one Kadaj is doing is with Aeris and over flowers!

And so the question, "if you have sex with your clone, does that make it masturbation?" comes into play.
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someone else will, if I don't make it

A product question for FFVII fans

Ok, this is going to seem a little..odd, but I have a question:

A few days ago I posted pictures of a belt and a bracelet I made for another fandom: Collapse )

Well, I've decided that I want a black belt/bracelet that says "TURKS" and/or "SOLDIER", and I was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in that/had any ideas.

Also, another question: The letters I use on the belts are a little very Western-y, and I wasn't sure if it would work for a "TURKS" belt. What do you guys think? I might just buy a new letter set if there's enough interest in it.

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I bought this month's issue of Newtype magazine, and I have to admit I was surprised that a mostly anime-devouted magazine has Advent Children on its cover. But that's not all. The free DVD contained in this magazine had a trailer for Advent Children, and there were two things I noticed about it as I watched it....

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KHMadness, angst

Random, FF7/KH Comics

Hi! I'm new, and I really like FF:AC. And I guess I'll start my first post with this little fancomic thinger I'm doing. Now, not all of them are FF7:AC (those come later on), but most of them are either Final Fantasy 7 related or Kingdom Hearts related.

Swing by my journal to check the first few out.

Reno is hard to do on Paint. O_O

KHMadness:Where Insanity meets comics meets PAINT

Any ideas for a comic are highly appreciated! ^_^ Comments are welcome.
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Buffy ;/

Stupid Question

I was just watching FF7:AC and I've got a question...

I have the soundtrack and well, I can't figure out which song it is that's playing when they're fighting Bahamut? I really like the song...But, on my soundtrack, the song titles, well some of them are in symbols so...Can someone help me out? I just need to know the title.

Thanks ^^;
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[X] 1 MAR.
[X] 6 Final Fantasy VII [Advent Children].
[X] Please upload to own server. [THIS would be a good image host.] Change the YOUROWNSERVER part of the code to the image code on your own server.
[X] Please comment and credit.
[X] Please change the "blahblah is blahblah love" phrase if mine is not satisfactory.
[X] X-posted.

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Windows customisation via Astonshell with FFVII: Advent Children theme!

Download Astonshell

Download Astonshell Advent Children theme (screen resolution is 1280*1024 so on smaller screens, elements might be too big, but it looks fine on my 1024*768 resolution. Also, on smaller resolutions, you'll need to adjust some of the elements to get them on the screen, but that's easy enough).

-- How to fix it if you're using a different resolution:

After installing everything, you'll need to:

Right click desktop --> Settings

Select Plugins, then Right click Panel.plg, then select "Setup plugin." Adjust the x coordinates (mine is set to 65)

Then select desktop, and in the right hand box, you'll see the three tabs that show up on screen.

My computer tab is set to X=0, Y=575
Network is set to X=0, Y=650
Exit is disabled

Click "apply"

These numbers will be different if you're using something other than 1024*768, but it should be easy enough to figure out just by changing the numbers.

Then pick out whatever wallpaper you like

Have fun!

Screenshot of my desktop for the curious.
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(no subject)

did anybody else think that bahamut looked a little bit like the really old japanese monsters?

seriously. check it out. i think it might be the teeth or what, but i swear sometimes in that movie it looks like someone is definatly in a huge bahamut suit. XD
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Thoughts about SHM and reunion

Two days ago, I finally watched FF7:AC. SQUEEEEE!
*cough*. After much fangirling and geeking I needed to find like-minded people, so here we are. I've read this community's last month of posts and comments (I laughed so hard at times, you know who you are) and unless it was f-locked, I don't believe that this was discussed.

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-fic- Special

Title: Special
Author: Starrie

Possibly has spoilers in it. I'll err on the safe side and say it's mildly spoilerish. o_o Takes place the night before Advent Children and deals with Kadaj's group. Smidgen of Yazoo+Kadaj, nothing exciting. Italicized dialogue is flash-back dialogue, or something. Umm. I've never written in this fandom before; I have one fandom that I stick rather loyally to, so this was interesting to try. x.x;

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N7 Armor

(no subject)

I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with screencaps or icons of Elena. I've only found a few good icons, but not many of them are close ups without any text or editing done to them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Kadaj Plushie!! x3

Dood, here's my latest creation~~ Brought to you by popular demand. ^_~

He took longer than the others~ :_: Prolly cuz I made a new pattern for him and I had to do a lot of reconstructing and testing out. But I finally got the body how I wanted it to come out. xDD

Anyways, he's looking for a new home too with his mommy-in-a-box. xD

If anyone is interested in giving Kada-kun a home you can find him for sale here!

He's only a 3 day auction so don't miss out~~ ^o^

Thanks again guys! <3


Another LONG piece of writing!!! Those of you who enjoyed Vincent almost as much as I did...

Title: Cloud-Watching
Author: Fathoms_Deep
Pairing: VincentxCloud
Warnings: May be considered *Somewhat* OOC..I gave an effort not to make it that way. Angsty, romantic, and fluffy.
Time Period: One Year before movie
Rating: PG-15
Length: 2740 words (more or less)

(Fake Cut to ACfiction)