October 1st, 2005


AC RP groups?

Hey here, a recent member to the community here, with a question. Does anyone happen to know of any Advent Children RP communities that have started/ are going to start? I'd love to play either Sephiroth or Kadaj, but as far as I can tell the only options are things like KH communities. Are there any AC roleplaying groups yet?

Nice to meet you all!
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wel it's something...

I'm new to the community.. ^.^;;; and instead of going through how much I worship and adore and love Advent Children, I leave you with one thing: An icon from the scene I nearly wet myself laughing at. Not exactly the best icon, but hey. I wanted it made, so it didn't take very long, or much effort on my part.

Enjoy. <3~

Btw, if you couldn't tell by my LJ layout, Cloud does happen to be one of my favorite people ever. >_>;;;
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Graphics Post

I don't stop...do I? It's a Friday night, I'm bored, listening to soundtrack music all night really gets you thinking about playing around in Photoshop. I'm going to bed now, but I just wanted to post these up anyway so I won't forget. :) One contains a little bit of Yazoo/Loz theme, but not really 'slashy' I guess, but whatever. Some are kinda...iffy, but you decide.

Oh, and I do have a life, I'm just out there doing anything with it. XD

Clicky me.

(no subject)

I was just wondering something about FF7:AC.

There may have been a post about this, but I was wondering:
People have lots of icons about Kadaj saying "Kaasan", but seems I'm taking Japanese I thought it was "Okaasan". o__O

Anyone care to enlighten me on this?
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(no subject)

Mmm...first post here. Nothing spoilery, but can anyone provide me with the link to download the AC OST? I know someone posted it here, but I can't find it. *sweatdrop* I was downloading it, but it failed for some reason. TT_TT

Please, please can anyone give me the link? *will love and worship whoever does*
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I've been looking around the net for about awhile and I can't seem to find any nice new AC wallpapers. Does anyone know where I can get some (aside from Adventchildren.net)? I'm looking for Turks-related ones in particular.
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Pics of Barret

Does any one know of any other pictures of Advent Children Barret besides the one where he has his arm up err whatever, you know which one I am talking about.

I have been searching so much and cannot find any thing else. :(

Please help.
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t&amp;b ✪ ojisan
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the randomness that is cosplay

Just came back from a photoshoot with my friends! Random photo post with a few choice pictures from the shoot today.

Characters: Cloud Strife (me) & Tifa Lockhart (Kamishiro Nereid)
Photographer: Himiko & Nevar

Collapse )

Kays, that's about all I've got for now, might put some more up later. XD

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The Soft Touch

Follow the fake cut.

I think I should edit that entry, too... people read 'scent' and freak out and don't know what I mean... but that's okay... meh.

Title: The Soft Touch
Author: Fathoms_Deep
Pairings: Kadaj x ???, LozxKadaj, KadajxYazoo
Warnings: Sexual content. Reader discretion is advised. Mildly spoilerific AND, omg, rape.
Length: 3900 words (or there abouts)
Rating: NC-17

( Fake Cut )