September 30th, 2005


I feel stupid for asking this, but does anybody in here have a bigger picture than this one? I kinda need a bigger one of a header I'm making.

And also, does anyone have pretty good quality pictures of Yazoo and Loz they can provide? I have plenty of Kadaj pictures.

I appreciate the help -- and also, sorry if this has been asked before.

Rufus Clip

I'm not using this in the fandub parody, but I figured it was good AC crack. It is... very very slightly spoiled, but otherwise I've been told by a few it's funny as hell. Yes, it -is- my voice, by the way. I can immitate many things... Gwahahahahaha...

Rufus Crack

Karaoke with Sephiroth and Aeris. Well, not quite.

Mm, I uploaded these for a very nice person in a few posts below, and since the majority of us have a deep dark desire to hear Sephiroth just belting out those ballads about love and entertaining stuff between the sheets, you may want to nick the link provided below. The zip contains -->

Toshiyuki Morikawa:
- "Answer" [Oh, come on, don’t you want to here Sephiroth bawl out, "love be the answer!" Love and Peace! Love and Peace!]
- "Between the Sheets" [This is apparently dirty. Fluent Japanese speakers beware.]

Maya Sakamoto:
- "Gravity" [Everyone in existence has this song, but still! It's pretty and in English. "Wolf’s Rain" closing.]

How is this related to Advent Children you may ask? Well, some of you may not know that I am in fact Nomura's sister's daughter's cousin's daughter twice removed all the way to Australia, and convinced him with all my charm to put an Easter Egg on the Japanese DVD – if you wack the 'okay' button repeatedly when Cloud shows those pearly whites at the end of the movie, you flash to an added scene where Sephiroth and Aeris fight it out vocally for Cloud's love, karaoke style. Aeris tempts him with her sweetness, while Sephiroth can't seem to stop propositioning him. It's very entertaining, until Cid gets said chicken-head completely plastered and challenges him to strip poker. How is this related to Advent Children, you may ask yet again?

...I'm not so sure. Sorry.

EDIT: I am completely brain-dead, and I sincerely apologize to animekittysama. I'm a complete brain-dead twit, and I never remember to keep track of the places I get things. She runs an amazing Sephiroth/Zack fan-site, where Zack and Cloud MP3s can also be found -- If you grab, thank her as well for uploading them in the first place!

I'm Being Incredibly Stupid Again...

So, most of us here have seen AC and just how much Cloud kicks ass. Apparantly this is because he's at or above Level 99 when the movie takes place O_o. So I just had to ask the question....

Who would win in a fight?

Level 99 Cloud (preferably from AC) or Level 99 Squall? Assuming Squall's been keeping up with his swordsmanship after the end of the game, just like Cloud.

Don't kill me!! I just had to's been bugging me all day (yes, I know, I'm a nerd XD)

11 Icons

2 Cloud
4 Kadaj
2 Reno
1 Rude
2 Rufus

- Comment
- Credit
- Don't claim as your own or I'll sick Jenova's decapitated head on you
- Possible spoilers and some naughty language

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Well, since several people had expressed interest in an Advent Children rpg, I decided to be the one to create it.

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Non-canon characters will be welcome once the canon ones are filled up.

Oh yes, and anyone who's interested, I'll need to know what journal you'll play the character under once your request has been approved.

And it should go without saying that godmodders and general shit-stirrers won't be welcome.

If you need to reach me, you can either reply to a post in my journal, or send me an e-mail at jessica @ If sending me an e-mail, you will need to reply to an anti-spambot message before it will go through.
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9 more icons

Yeah, I'm on a roll today so I'm gonna spam you all with some more icons.

1 Cloud
1 Elena
1 Kadaj*
1 Loz*
1 Reno
1 Rude
1 Rufus
1 Three Brothers
1 Yazoo*

- Comment
- Credit
- Don't claim as your own or I'll sick Jenova's decapitated head on you
- Possible spoilers
*These all count as a set, hence the similar color scheme and repeating word

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sticks, figures drawn by me

FF7 invaded my school today

While writting an essay today, I wrote "when President Bush ordered the attack on Wutai." Amoungst several other "typoes"... Just thought that was amusing though.

No, I swear, I don't have FF7 on the brain. I sweaaar!

Has anyone else done something like that before? Where you were talking and a FF7 related thing popped out? And made everyone around you blink and stare?

I remember one time a while ago I was talking to my mother and I said "Sounds like Rufus" when I meant my Aunt Ruth >.<;; lol
default falling

(no subject)

Hey everyone! New to this community, completely new to this whole thing, but I want to make graphics and have run out of pictures!

I make icons like this and and want to make headers and more icons because I <3 graphics, but I've hit a wall of having no more hi-res caps from Advent Children. If there are sites/galleries, I will give cookies to those who point me in the right direction!

PS both icons are up for grabs.
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