September 28th, 2005

Male Voice Actors

I hate to post again, but I was wondering if there were any male volunteers to be voice actors in the fandub parody project. We still have Vincent, Sephiroth, Barret, Tseng, Cid, Rufus, and Loz open. We also need people cast for Midgar citizens and the children. Hope this gets some people. Thanks ^^
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I made some Colourbars a while ago and haven't gotten round to posting them anywhere really.

There might be a few minor spoilers so proceed with caution if you've not watched the movie yet.

Kadaj is Psychotic Love

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So I was listening to The Promised Land on the AC soundtrack, getting chills...


and then I started thinking, and wondered if I just had a brain lapse.

Does the Promised Land really exist? Like, I mean, in the game. What was the conclusion of that? Was it metaphoric? Or what. I don't remember. >_o

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AND. Oh man.

You know, that end credits song thats at the end of every final fantasy. That tune. Makes me tear up. Ugh.

I haven't played a final fantasy since 10, cause I never finished X-2. And that song is just the bottled up feeling of spending like 60 hours of my life on a game, then sitting through the credits like a dork and zoning out completely.

Just like how I sat through the credits of AC.

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One of the key features of any Final Fantasy game (well, sans the later ones) is the option to rename your characters. Of all the players of FFVII, there are very few of us who have stuck with the default names through every game. Whether we named the characters after ourselves and our friends, after idols, or after...just retarded things that come into our heads, it is without a doubt that we've had some gems along the road.

So, here is the "what have you named your characters?" thread. HUMOR ME VERILY.

&here are mine.

I first started playing FFVII at 10. So delighted with the prospect that I could name these characters ANYTHING I WANTED (within size limits), I went wild.

Granted, this was before I realized that a memory card was a good idea, and I should probably start saving my games.

10-year-old Angi doth bestow you with the namesake...
CLOUD: Buttsniff
BARRET: Buttlick

Hoo yeah.

And some other winners along the road...
CLOUD: Clancy
TIFA: Pamela
AERIS: My bitch (Cloud: Sephiroth killed my bitch...)
REDXII: Mittens

I think for my next game, I'm going to reinstate Buttsniff and Buttlick.
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Sorry to be a bother, but will the person who made this Loz icon please stand up?

I need to credit you in my comments, and I don't know who you are!!!
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Heya... could someone please post a link or post a translation of the new version of One Winged Angel?

Have a sketchy idea of what the lyrics are... but need a full english version :D

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~ New

I'm new to this comm, and I bring icons!
Not sure if that's allowed ;x Lemme know if it's not and I'll delete this post :D

Anyway, I added 9 more icons for my ff100 claim, bringing it up to 20 Advent Children icons :)

Warning: Language, Possible spoilers
(Not insane. Srsly.)

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i'm new here. I order FFAC:LE, they're amazing...
one problem is, i can't read japanese! Will anyone give me fully download for advent children movie with eng-sub???

It drive me crazy.


I'm sorry if this is a repeat but I sort of skim over the million adventchilden_ posts on my friend's page I get everyday now.

I found this at

toxicworm writes "Dry those tears you fanboys, I know that most of you have been sulking ever since that E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) which showed what FF VII (Final Fantasy VII) would have looked like if it was on the PS3 only to find out that it was only a demonstration and not an upcoming game. Now, SquareEnix says that they lied to us when they said that FF VII was not being made for the PS3. Thats right, FF VII is coming to the PS3 with a new shiny coat of visuals but with the same story that grabbed hold of us all. Details of the release of the game have yet to be announced. If you have not seen the demonstration video, I highly recommend you to go to to find the video by using the search."

So, we've been kind of jerked around about the whole FF7 remake. Does anyone believe this? Anyone seen other information?

Just curious.

(Do people here want a remake or do you think it's just going too far? I'd buy it, of course, but....)


OMFG, THE FFVII: AC SOUNNDTRACK IS SO INCREDIBLY SEXY. I'd spoodge everywhere about it if I was a guy. I agree with the mod about the power of The Promised Land. I almost cry listening to it. ;_; God, and I love the use of overworld music in the soundtrack. FFVII is so amazingly sexy.

<33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 SEX

This fangirl moment brought to you by the letter F, for fucktard.

love you guys for providing links to it ^^

I <3 Kadaj more and more, yo. He's like a punk!Sephiroth. It amuses me.
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'Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children', probably the most beautiful film I've seen since I first saw 'The Return of the King' ... I just want to have my own say in what I think of the film ^_____^

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