September 27th, 2005

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Scans from Ultimania Omega

Provided my Photobucket account survives the abuse, I bring you some scans from FFVII: Ultimania Omega, a newly-released 600 page strategy guide with more information on FFVII than you'll ever need to know, ever. These scans are all sketches except for the cover and a couple random items, so don't expect anything too flashy.

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Because I've gotten the question before, I think the book's really cool and believe that yes, it'd be worth buying. I mean, it's not chock full of never-seen-before artwork (I scanned most of that stuff already *cough*), but it's got a ton of screencaps, scripts, commentary, pre-production notes, talks of characters' appearances in other games, et cetera. But truthfully, when it comes down to it, I think the choice to buy it basically depends on how much Japanese you know. If you know Japanese, dear god buy it and translate for the rest of us =P. If you know some/are learning it, buy it because there are things that're easy to pick up (I think, anyway). If you don't know it, then... let your rabidity be your guide =P It's a LOTTA text, after all.

Anyway, enjoy.
FF7-AC-Kadaj Kaaasan

"The Distance: The Making of FFVII-Advent Children" and "Reminiscence of FFVII"

-Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII: A Story Digest of the Game (unsubbed, torrent, not my rip, from the standard edition Advent Children release). This is basically a clip show of story moments from the game. How far we've come in 8 years.

-The Distance: The Making of Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children (unsubbed, torrent, 346 MB Xvid rip from the Advent Pieces, limited edition DVD. This is not the best encode, for which I apologize (some pixelation in dark areas), but in the interests of keeping the file size down and since it's mostly talking heads anyways, I went with it. I have a better quality 700 MB rip that I can upload later if anyone feels like subbing it.) Lots of seiyuu in this. ^_^
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Good morning folks. :)

I'm not sure if anyone's interested, but my boyfriend does a lot of music videos. He uses a lot of footage from Final Fantasy and he's recently done some videos with footage from Advent Children.

If you're interested you can check them out in the downloads section on his webpage. His page is Project Lycan Dot Com.



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I think I must have seen Advent Children about like... 30 times by now. I've been rewatching like whoa! I can't help it, it's eye-candy, and I am shallow, I love eye-candy.

And I can't help it, I'll share my thoughts with you. They are the thoughts of an yaoi fangirl, who sees the world through yaoi-coloured glasses. If you're offended by such talk, just don't click on the lj-cut. Thank you.

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RPG advertisement. I know, they're annoying. Cross-posted to a bunch of communities... sorry for being redundant!

WHITE NIGHT: A Kingdom Hearts Crossover RPG


Warning: This game is post-Chain of Memories but is by no means based on it. However, there are Chain of Memories spoilers are behind the cut!

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White Night is a Kingdom Hearts crossover RPG that is settled on LiveJournal. The play style is mostly done in a third-person writing, along with the journaling system to aid plot and such. It takes place directly after Chain of Memories. It covers many fandoms; characters from any video game and any movie may apply for the game, though the main concentration is on Final Fantasy, Disney or things in a similar vein, since that is KH canon. However, all series, etc. are welcome to join in! We feel that KH is an excellent crossover and would like to expand on the concept, and encourage people to be creative.

The game has been in the works for many, many weeks, and lots of love, time and patience has gone into it. It was created by, naturally, a pair of die-hard Kingdom Hearts (as well as several other series) fans who have been roleplaying and running games for many years. We'd like to extend an invitation to everyone who shares our passion for that game, for roleplaying, and whatever other fandom strikes one's fancy; it is our personal goal to make this one of our best and most fun games yet. :)

If you are interested in joining White Night, please visit the userinfo page for more indepth information and guidelines!

Cy-chan desu~

FF7 - Fanfiction Pimp 001 ~ Crimson Tears

Author: cyberhell
Character: Vincent Valentine
Rate: PG-15 for some suicidal theme
Note: Made this fanfic after I watch Advent Children, like the feeling and emotion after watching it really... fitting to write this fanfic down T_T;; *sobs and clings on Vincent's cape. is shot* X-x; And thanks so much to mirime for helping me to beta-read this fanfic T^T *huggles j00 tightly* <3
Disclamer: all these characters are belong to Square Enix
Summary: After defeating Sephiroth, all of the heroes are turning back into their ordinary life. But there's one man that have no where to go to.

( All the continents rejoiced for the world’s bravest heroes... )

follow the fake cut! XD;
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Thanks to luxetumbra I just saw Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII: A Story Digest of the Game . It was quite cool to see the story retold that way, old school graphics and all, but there was also these extra little scenes they added in with Cloud on the road answering various phone calls from Yuffie, Barret, Vincent and Tifa (only voices, no CG).

So here comes the request - can somebody please, please translate it, if possible? I'm too impatient to wait for a fansub, and I desperatly want to know what they're saying during those parts, so please if somebody could do that and post it either on this thread or an entirely new one (or hell, just email it to me, whatever works :P) that'd be soooo great!

Ghetto Reno

Hello! Just thought I'd post up 2 ghetto icons I made of Reno, lulz. Sorry if it's not to anyone's liking. Feel free to take them; credit not needed. I'd like to read what people think though.


1.)Image hosted by 2.)Image hosted by
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Title: The Hard Touch
Author: Fathoms_Deep
Pairings: Kadaj x ??? (not telling), cuddling between the bros.
Warnings: Mildly spoilerific, violence, gore, torture, and excess of comfort afterward...
Rating: R
Timeline: Some obscure moment when Kadaj had a few moments to rest, during movie.

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Just asking.

I am just curious, please no one get offended by this question, but how many members here (who do not live in Japan) are waiting for Advent Children to actually come out to watch it? I hope that there are at least a good number in this community. I want some excited talk to go around in this community when we see it for the first time!
Buffy ;/

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Hey all, I just recently joined this community...I haven't seen FF7:AC yet...V_V' I downloaded it, took 65 hours, tried to figure out how to put subtitles on it, accidently saved the movie as completely different file and now, I'm back to downloading, Only...35 hours left!

Anyways, I was just wondering if someone could...Maybe upload Himuro Kyousuke's "Calling" I've heard it was an amazing song and well, my morpheus is being a lamer lately. Thanks ^^;

<33 Kristian
Lloyd be pimpin&#39;

Oh my god. O________O

I just found links to the old, original, Final Fantasy VII commercials. I was seven years old when the game came out, thus I don't remember the commercials, so this was really cool to see, and I thought I'd share it with you guys. ^^ *has no clue whether or not this has been posted before*

First one:

Second one:

(They're in Quicktime.)
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Case of Tifa

Sorry for the frequent posts! I saw this just now and really needed to share it. It's very interesting. You all know the On the Way to a Smile novel thingy that depicts the moments leading up to Advent Children? I found the latest installment, Case of Tifa and it explains a hell of a lot more about Tifa, Barret, Marlene and Cloud's life (yes, there were a lot of cute Cloud moments which made me squee) before Cloud turned emo (it also explains why Cloud went emo, making his angst in the movie a bit more believable).

It's weird, I haven't seen it on, yet, so I'm not sure if it's 100% real. I'm sure it is though. I found it on this site Final Fantasy Advent Children Web Novel - On the Way to a Smile

Favourite moments...

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Hurray. Just...just hurray.