September 26th, 2005


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got a request here XD;

does anyone have any full picture of Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz? o.o like the full body, because I need the details of their clothes X_x;

thanks in advance XD <3
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Sex God

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Would anyone like to make me three Yazoo Icons. I have no specific requirments... serious would be kinda nice. Maybe a sad, serious, and sarcastic humor one?!? Please and thank you to any who fufill my request. And to those that lend support!
FF7-AC-Reno :O

Alternate Scenes from Advent Pieces DVD

(Mods, please delete this post if it's Not OK.)

Haven't seen these around yet, so I thought I'd put them up. These are alternate scenes
(100 MB) from the Advent Pieces dvd that were animated but not included
in the movie. Nothing hugely exciting, but there are a few more lines
of dialog in some scenes (e.g. this) and some lighting and storyboard changes in
others. Tifa also has a badly-animated hair day. :) The scenes start at
around 4:00 min into this clip, right after the Official Trailer ends.

Am ripping the "Making of" documentary right now - will post a torrent tomorrow evening unless someone beats me to it.
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Well now.

I just saw the commercial for Advent Children on TV for the first time. [Edit: Yes, in America]

That was a decidingly odd moment; I thought I was hearing things. Then I went to watch it, even though I've seen it a bajillion times XD

Seeing the trailer on the TV was a different experience.
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First post, with icons

Hello everyone!  My name is Chibi and I wanted to say hi to all the people in this community  *bows down*  and that was a lame introduction.

I just joined yesterday I think, after discovering this place.  I have seen the beauty that is Advent Children and anxiously await the dvd (here in the US) so I can hold it in my hands.  I made some icons from the movie and I wanted to share them with everyone  *listens to everyone groan over more icons*  Hope you all enjoy them anyway  ^__^;;;  Feel free to use and blah blah blah.

One of them does contain a spoiler.  Oh!  And there's a fake screencap I made for Rude/Reno (so yaoi warning for that)



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