September 25th, 2005

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klick teh KAZOO

If that thumbnail is too big let me know! Anyhow, I thought that AC fans would be able to appreciate this gaudy and shameless CG that I created out of a photo of my friend Angi and I. It's like fanart... sort of. Yeah, so the two of us are cosplaying as these two very soon! Which shall be glorious. Until then enjoy my evening spent in Paintshop Pro.


Updated Cast List - Fandub Parody

Here's the updated cast list as of today. The actors are awesome and I'm really looking forward to the finished project. The planned unveiling of the project is at Tekkoshocon 2006, though that still isn't finalized. However, a Tekkoshocon staff member has already expressed interest. So I think it's favourable. If you'd like it to be shown there, please make sure to contact the people who run Tekkoshocon! This also applies to all other conventions, as I'd like to make sure everyone gets to see our work. Also, the one at Tekkoshocon/Convention versions (if shown) will be the high-quality remastered perfect version, while the innitial release will be available much earlier.

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(Sample of "It's Reno" to be posted here soon.)
Also, on a side note, the Advent Children Forums are now open to be read by non-members to entice prospective members to join.
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i have a theory that may explain the pink ribbons. not plot affectig, so no cut.

in the game, ribbons are the accessory that protects against any abnormal status- maybe its an attept to prevent geostigma?
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Icon Post

I didn't make many icons of the females from AC so I made a few this time. I don't think they'd be considered spoilery really, but it's possible.

Please comment/credit if you take any. Thanks.

1. 2. 3.

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~~Cold Dreams~~

Kadaj's feelings for a certain someone are illustrated, and vice versa, in this strange and bizarre nightmare...

Title: Cold Dreams
Author: Fathoms_Deep
Pairings: Kadaj x ??? (not telling)
Warnings: Mildly spoilerific, a little spazzy sexy, and ...weird.
Rating: R
Length: Short ficcy drabble... many paragraphs of spazzy description.
Timeline: Some obscure moment when Kadaj had a few moments to rest, during movie.

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Ok, I just got Advent Children but it is Japanese. As much as I would like to be able to, I do not know even a word of it. Does anyone have like the script or something in English?

By the way, this is my first post here. XD

Dorky me

I feel really stupid of posting here again but I was watching the film and done some screen capping (won't know any good!) and I just had to share these:
(SPOILER warning tweeet!)
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I need more Reno icons! He makes me happy. Therefore I need more pictures... and I'm having trouble finding GOOD images... so can someone help me out? Thanks!
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Translation for the Dynamic Duo.

Howdy. I’m on a mission, and in need of desperate aid. Well, not so desperate, but if anyone could help, it would be appreciated.

I’m one of those bloody twits who brought Advent Pieces the precious, and it seems that the Bonus Disk contains scenes from the original trailers and lengthened scenes that were chopped for the movie. There are two extended scenes between Sephiroth and Cloud, and I’m going bonkers trying to understand what they’re saying. So, if one does understand Japanese, please donate your services. Please keep in mind that these are just written down by ear, and could contain extreme grammatical errors – stupid computer and its lack of Japanese text support. I haven’t done Japanese for well over two years and my dictionary was ‘borrowed’ by an acquaintance, so I’m rather rusting and flubbing through the sentence patterns.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS, so it’s under an LJ-cut:

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Thank you very much for any possible help, and keep on trucking. Literally. Somebody steal me a truck.


EDIT: We have a winner, ladies and gents! Okay, make that two, and the first one is so very canon. Heh-heh-heh. Brought to you by jen0va99 who finds things in wonderful places and translates l33t-edly. [One day, I swear, I'm going to get someone to tell me what 'l33t' means. Gah!]

...and people say Cloud/Sephiroth isn't canon. Pah. Hell in a handbasket, baby. With a truck.

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