September 24th, 2005


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hey guys

was just playing around and i came out with:

anyways, theyre little banner things for the profile, like i have in mine.

no credit necessary if taken, just if you could please dont steal my bandwith. upload! UPLOAD!
sticks, figures drawn by me

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I'm making a little music video of some of the battles in ac (with lots of turkage >D), and it's already on its' first draft. I think it's sorta cool, it's set to Offspring's Staring at the Sun.. I know a lot of people have done different music videos to that song a lot, but it's one of my favorites.
The problem being is.. I have absolutely nowhere to put it when it's done, so people can download it, and I really really don't like Any suggestions?

Is anyone else making music videos?

HI <3

Hi well I saw Advent Children!! YEAAAH, and I really loved it (RENO <3) but I really liked Yuffie's costumes, and me and my friends were going to be doing a Cosplay group for A-kon 17, and I was wondering if any one can get screen caps of Yuffie for me, front and back. ^____^ if not thats okay!!
Thank you for your time! I LOVE RENO!!!