September 22nd, 2005

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After someone here started a discussion wether AC 2 is a good idea or not, I started thinking.

Truth is, I don't want another Advent Children movie. In this one, we got a closure, and a happy end. Nothing more to milk.

What I want, is a CGI movie (sequel, prequel, part of the gameplot like Last Order) based on Final Fantasy 8. I loved it almost as much as FF7, and it would be nice to see a movie with Squall, Seifer and Co.

What do you think?
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Even before Advent Children came out, we had people writing about it, and now that many of us have seen it, I expect there'll be even more fics floating about the internet. We've even had a few posted in this community.

So, to the point, I've created the community acfiction to host all kinds of Advent Children and Last Order fanfiction.

Yaoi, yuri, het and gen are all accepted on equal terms, as it is not dedicated to one over the other. Hell, even crack is loved! Yazoo/Cid? Yuffie/Tifa? Kadaj/Rude? Go for it! It's also a place where you can post essays, and just generally discuss fanfiction that you've liked, ask for help (betas, plots, etc) and take part in contests. Contests will be held every month, if there is enough activity in the comm, and there will be prizes for the winner and runner-ups.

Go join!


Oh, and would adventchildren_ be interested in an affiliation?

Fandub Parody Update

Alright, we've gotten a few actors down:

teneshi: Elena
daishiispretty: Yuffie
lunarwolf2002: Marlene
encodedfate: Reno
mimi_sardinia: Aeris
mistress_yuna: Jenova
kotono: Tifa
palais: Yazoo
cyberhell: Denzel
deadly__claris: The Narrator
chankaylore: Cait Sith
zomg_blm: Rude

We still need voice actors for: Tseng, Rufus, Cloud, Loz, Kadaj, Cid, Barret, Red-XIII, Sephiroth, Vincent, along with various other extra-voice actors.

We also have staff members as well to take care of the encoding and such.
UPDATE/Edit: Jenova has now been claimed =O
Update/Edit 2: So have Tifa and Yazoo XD
Update/Edit 3: Denzel's down too, as is the Narrator
Update/Edit 4: Rude and Cait Sith = taken o.o


Kay, I made sure this was okay with the mod, so I'm just gonna promote some FFVII related communities I own. If anyone is interested, please join! If my off-topicness has offended you then I am sorry D:

Thank you all <3

ctlove - cloud/tifa community
zack_aeris - zack/aeris community
ff7_awards - final fantasy 7 icon test community
ff7_icons - final fantasy 7 icon community

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I've just seen the movie, and am still mulling it over, but I really enjoyed it. I wish the cameos had been longer, though.

Anyway, I was trying to get some screenshots of Vincent with his bigass gun (like in my icon) but Windows Media Player won't let me.

It's doing something weird, I'll try to explain- when I use "printscreen" and then open Photoshop and paste it in, it pastes the windows, and the black screen, but the actual movie image is like it's in the background. If i try moving the pasted image, the movie image stays put, and the black background/window moves around. This happens if I try to paste into a bitmap file using "Paint" as well. Is this making sense? I tried downloading a printscreen program, and it can save direct to bitmap files, but when I open them, again the actual image stays put in the middle of the scream, and the window will move around it.

Can anyone suggest a way to get around this? I'd like to make some more icons, but I'm baffled why my computer is being all weird, and I think it must be Windows Media Player causing me the problem.

I do have some proper DVD software I could try using, but I'm wondering if there's any other advice before I bother with installing it.


AC pictures

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good site with Advent Children pictures? As in, pictures of the actual movie, not the usual plethora of pre-release ones. I'd cap the movie, but it's on my boyfriend's computer, not mine. I'd like to make some AC icons, which is why I'm asking, and I hope to share them with the community once I finish!

EDIT: If this question has already been asked and answered, I'm sorry. I've just jumped back on LJ after a looong hiatus, so I haven't viewed this community in a while. I'm also kind of in a rush.

You Want Summa Dis?

Title: You Want Summa Dis?
Author: Fathoms_Deep
Rating: R
Length: Relatively Short
Warnings: Nakedness and implication of sex. Spoilers? Maybe.
Type: Drabble

*While looking for Jenova's head, the three SHM find themselves freezing their asses off in the NOrth Crater. So they take a little time at a hot water spring for some down-time...and brotherly love.

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Trish has a journal now! I'll have her post first thing in the morning! (caitsithwannabe is her screen she told me to come up with something and that's the first thing I came up with!)

*bricked again* Damn where does Rude get all these bricks?