September 21st, 2005


First Icon thingie EVER

I just got Photoshop 7 an hour ago and screwed around with it for a while and came up with this.

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It's my first icon thingie ever, but I think I screwed up on the size part of it. I still like it though. Feel free to take it doctor it to make it fit if you want it! Umm..since it's not entirely right I'm not gona ask that I be given total credit, but it would be nice to receive some. I don't THINK it's been made yet!
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Did some more playing around this morning...hehe this is funny to me!
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Take if you desire. it's more just a playing around thing, but hey whatever floats you boat!
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AC reno

I did an AC Reno costume ages ago with a group of fellow Turks.
never posted any pictures, and just found them again recently.
After seeing the movie, What I THOUGHT was me being a completely obnoxious loser, could actually pass for 'In character' xD
We basically sat in a hotel room getting high off energy drinks, playing the desperado soundtrack and pleasing the Pres.
TWo not entirely flattering pics behind the cut, for fun xD;

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Sorry if this is a dumb question ><
But I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of creature RedXIII is? I heard that his real name is Nanaki.
Do the species have a specific name at all?
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My First Screenshots...One of Marlene Under Vincent's Cape!

Ok, I know you love Vincent...and I know you love the scene with Marlene under Vincent's cape! I looked for a screenshot of it and couldn't find one, so I learned how to make them and made one! *proud of self* Here's that one (it includes Cloud) plus two of Vinny: one with his beeeeautiful eyes and one I just...liked ^^

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edit: Here's the screenshot where you can see Marlene's shoes under Vinny's Cape...thought some of you might like that too: (not my screenshot so no credit for me *sniff*)

Too much cuteness!!!!
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