September 20th, 2005

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Question about Geostigma, and it's under the cut cuz it might be spoiler-ish.

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Anyhoo, anyone can answer this, lemme know. *wink* It'd be muchly appreciated.
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I've done a bad thing.  A very very bad thing.  *holds out wrists to be slapped*

I was saving myself for the DVD. I swore I was. Honest. I figured I could watch Last Order to tide me over. I mean, hell, I knew what happened there, right? No harm, no foul.

Bbbbbbbbbbbbboooy was I wrong. By the time Last Order was over I was nearly foaming at the mouth. My sister came out at 3 AM and said I looked like I'd just laid an egg. There I was, sitting at the computer chair with my eyes wide. Credits to Last Order rolling.

"Must... have... Advent... CHILDREN!"  I made Gollum look like the Pokey Little Puppy.

I had a Geostigma fever. And the only prescription was more cowbell ADVENT CHILDREN. My cure took 5 hours to get here, suffice to say. Still I had to watch it TWICE just to prove to myself that this was the friggin' movie I'd ruined several pairs of pants waiting for.

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What's really great about having seen this is that I can now go back to reading the community posts thorougly instead of just skimming over them and avoiding any 'SPOILER' text like the plague. Woohoo.

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I have to post this. As I was randomly screencapping last night, I discovered this shot....(it's not spoilery)

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I think I scarred myself by the concept of it...but I still thought it was humorous. (I love being immature sometimes lol) I mean...Marlene is in the same room!!!
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So desperate!!

Does anyone know where I can download FF7: AC's OST? I've heard that it's on Limewire but my computer likes Bittorrent best. Help? And yes, I do plan on buying it, I've already placed an order for AC with a friend of mine in Tokyo, but I'd really like a copy to listen to, well, now.

Thank you in advance~
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Hi guys!
Ehm...I saw Advent Children for...six times? :) but I still don't know one thing and I want to ask you one question. What exactly is Ajit? Please tell meeeeee!!! I am hopeless!

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a friend of mine has not played final fantasy since the eighth grade and i was wondering if anyone had a link to a website which explained all the important parts of the storyline including the ending. anyone?

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allo allo i am new to teh community.

anyways, my name is nia and im a huge advent children slut. huzzah for acsluthood.

i wanted to post this as a response to the earlier post with the picture, and once again it isnt a spoiler, but a common image from one of the trailers

take if you want, its labelled with my name so i dont care <3

[edit: im sorry if this was offensive to anybody, like i had said before it was just a response. sorry again

ps- i took the image down. and once again sorry. i really do feel bad

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i have an icon request i would like to make: you know when tifa was fighting loz and he tosses her on the wall with the flowers flying everywhere?

i want the exact moment when she is crouching on the wall and i want the flowers to be animated so that they're forever moving while shes on the wall. in the corner it should say: NOT ALONE.

if a person could do that for me they would be my best friend for life :D

i bare one icon i just made. plenty more too come

AC Fandub Parody Workgroup?

As we all know, soon the Advent Children Soundtrack will be released. This is important because that means a fandub parody can then be made with the original soundtrack in place... or some of it anyway, heh. Anyway, I'd like to get a group together for the soul purpose of making a parody. The parody will be around thirty to fifty minutes long, depending on how long we can keep the jokes going and them still be funny. I can't go into the script material as of yet... but the voice actor cast will have a hand in helping to write it. So, if you feel you have a good voice, feel free to give an example and what character you'd like to play. The voices of Reno is already taken, and we have a candidate for Tifa (so you can still apply) but all the others are open.

By the way, I'm not sure if this kind of post it's allowed, so if it isn't just give me a heads up.

Remember, post here with comments and ideas even if you don't want to try out! If you ARE trying out, post here so I can expect you ^^

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and i care why?



I was wondering if someone had this screenshot already, or could take it for me.

What I want is basically 00:18:39 into the movie on the copy I have on my computer. During the scene where Kadaj speaks to the white-cloaked person, just after he says, "Hontou ni.."


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