September 19th, 2005


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For all of those wanting an AC mood theme, I am currently in the process of making one! I am making one for absolutelyfatal but once it is done, anyone who wants to use it is more than welcome! I can change a few moods though for people who want specific characters, the one I am making now has no Aeris. If you want her in the mood theme, I will make yours seperatley. So since I'm in such a good mood with it right now, I am currently taking requests for the mood themes! Just let me know what characters you DON'T want, and I will try to get it done ASAP! ^_^
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Saw this in someone's signature on the forums.


Cloud: I just want to be forgiven....
Mukki: Hey bubby! *gyrates hips*
Cloud: ......... *throws self off cliff*

Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine

Has any1 seen or bought the upcoming Electronic Gaming monthyly Magazine ?!?! B/c there's suppose to be a dicussion of AC for the North American release date and other official stuff ??

And also does any1 know's what going on with ?!?! I can't get in the forum so I dunno.

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ANYONE INTERESTED IN THE CETRA OR JENOVA? I've started a LJ community called the_cetra in Final Fantasy VII. Feel free to join if you've played the game. You can ask questions or discuss Jenova, the project, the people involved in the project, or what Jenova did to the Cetra. You can even post a fanfic or a link to a fanfic about the story of Jenova and the Cetra. This is a discussion community for fun.
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Good News Everyone!!

I have finished the mood theme batch for absolutelyfatal and for anyone else who wants it, go here! If you do use it, please credit, it did take me quite a while to make. :)

And for everyone else who requested mood themes, I shall be working on them shortly, I can probably have them done this weekend! :)

And one last note.... this is like my first mood theme I made @.@... so feedback is greatly appreciated! Just be gentle. :P
absolutelyfatal if you want anything changed on your mood theme let me know and I'll fix it for you ASAP! Hope you like! :)