September 18th, 2005

Because there's not enough crack in the world...

I've already posted quite a bit during the last couple of days, but I honestly just had to share this. You know that AC Venice 2005 Spoiler Report that can be found on Advent Well, I gizoogled it, out of sheer curiosity.

Warning, there are spoilers! And some stuff that people who aren't familiar with a Snoop Dogg video might find offensive :P

*sigh, I really hope I don't get in trouble for this - I just joined the community O_o

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Icon post and question

First the question.

When Kadaj talks to the person in the wheelchair, does anyone know what song/music is used in the background? It's driving me mad, the need to know.

Second, I made a bunch of icons yesterday, all are FF7 - Advent Children, and some of them will contain spoilers.

Please comment/credit if you take, and I apologise to dial-up users. I got a little carried away. ^^;

Teasers -

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So, some of the characters have multiple seiyuu. I'd appreciate it if everyone can verify these for me, because I like to compare the voices. I'm a dork, yes.

Tifa: Minaguchi Yuko (Ehrgeiz), Itou Ayumi (Advent Children, Last Order)

Vincent: Nakata Kazuhiro (Ehrgeiz), Suzuki Shougo (Advent Children)

Cloud: Sasaki Nozomu (Ehrgeiz), Sakurai Takahiro (Kingdom Hearts, Advent Children, Last Order)

Sephiroth: Miki Shinichirou (Ehrgeiz, Kingdom Hearts), Morikawa Toshiyuki (Advent Children, Last Order)

Were there any other with multiples? Or any corrections? Thanks.

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Hi, people!
I have been waiting secretly for AC to come out for all this time, and when it finally did, I decided that it's time for me to join this community. As a devoted Final Fantasy fangirl, I bring gifts. Screencaps of the battle between Cloud and Sephiroth. (err... I am not sure that claiming that they battle is a spoiler, since the scenes were all over the trailers, and I don't believe that any of you haven't seen at least one screencap or a trailer with Seph yet) But if it's spoilery, I'll put it under a lj-cut as well.

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Hmm, I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I heard it from some people that work at Gamestop.

When the movie was released in Korea, it was leaked into the internet, as you all know. So, the workers told me that one of the reasons they keep pushing the date back (besides the dubbing) is because Squeenex plans to add a few extra scenes and more special effects so that it's more desirable and will sell better when it's released in America.

Not sure if this is true. It may just be another crazy rumor, although it would be cool.
Has anyone else heard this?
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not related to AC but something I'd like to share with you guys.

I started some fan fic's a while ago, but stopped before they were completed they aren't related to AC and I posted the one I'm currently working on my personal journal! Feel free to go read it and reveiw if you wish. Flame it if you want, but try to be somewhat nice. I know I'm not the best author, but hey..nobodies perfect! Anyways...Check it out on my personal journal if you want to!
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SuJu: Sungmin's sexy lips <3
  • anrixan

Excuse me?

Is this some kind of sick joke???


If Eminem's voice comes out of ANY Final Fantasy character, I think I will be forced to shoot myself.

P.S. Was anyone else disappointed that the Prelude wasn't in the movie? A while ago I found a vocal version of the prelude that was said to be in the movie...and it wasn't. I was quite upset.

X posted to my journal.
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Hi, I'm a newbie... I just watched the Advent Children and was wondering if there's going to be a game based on it released... >.>;; I heard something about it from a friend, but I'm getting confused... Is there going to be the remake of FFVII, or is it Dirge of Cerberus? (OR ARE THE TWO SAME THING?! O.O;;;) Sorry if this is a stupid question... I don't know much about FFVII to be honest, because I haven't played it yet :x...
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A few screencaps...

...a few meaning about 20 to 30 I think. *headdesk* It was late and I'm tired at the moment. Anyway, I have random screencaps up at the moment. I made them for a friend, but since I've uploaded, I might as well share... I actually have a whole lot more in my computer and will start uploading soon...

Um...Be Warned that while I was writing my comments at each screencap, the commentary suddenly turned into this crack story where there' content and smut and foul language and sex toys and a whole lot of nonsense... *keels over* If you just wanna see the pretties, just ignore the words then... >__>

Links to my LJ: Screencaps with crack story, yo!

EDIT: WARNING FOR LOADS OF SPOILERS FOR ADVENT CHILDREN! I mean...that should be obvious since they're screencaps...but just in case...
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Angry Zack


Hi. I'm a new member. I was going to wait until AC came out in America, but I couldn't wait. I ordered the Japanese version.

I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find a script for the movie. I hardly know any Japanese so I'll have no idea what is going on in the movie.

Thanks in advance.
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Oh, Brother...

I wrote something... there's not really any spoilers. Basically... Kadaj has captured cloud somewhere during the movie, I don't know, or maybe it's original sequencing but it's really just a thing... I was going to go totally slashy on it and have Kadaj do naughty things, but I couldn't.. my mom hacking and coughing in the background (she's sick) doesn't really provide a really smexy backdrop for smut...

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