September 17th, 2005


The Cloud Song!

Dunno if anyone's already posted this, but it is quite amusing. Just a bit of fun amongst the onslaught of Advent Children posts =D

The Cloud Song

Advent Children ♥

[ POST EDIT ] This flash file wasn't made by me, but by spookydoom of deviantART. I have no such talent nor originality =D
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(no subject)

hmm... maybe this is a bit too old and lame for this, but I've a question XD;

What colour is Tseng's eyes? o.o anyone know?

p.s. if this is out of topic, it's alright to delete this post ^^;
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Ero Megane Lick
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It just came to me now...

Despite all the 'turkey' jokes (or are there any?), has anyone had the inclination to make a Turk icon (of AC!Reno and Rude, maybe?) with the text 'Turkish Delight'?

Just a random thought, so feel free to delete if it's irrelevant XD
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Hey, I just recently saw the movie and it's all I can think about. Then I came across this lovely community. ...♥

I recently made an AMV. The song is Dark Chest of Wonders by Nightwish. I love how much this band fits with Advent Children. The beat just flows beautifully. :D

There it is if anyone wants to watch it. It kind of has some spoilers, just to warn you. ^^;
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Advent Children

Saw it, and I'm curious on what y'all thought when it came to the romantic pairings...what are your thoughts? Are those cloudy wolf rings being sold really promise rings? Do Tifa and Cloud only have ribbons around their arms, or does everyone? Was there any closure? I'm an aerisXcloud fan so I'm hoping...probably blindly, but wondering your opinions....
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[p3p; minako]


The first run though I didn't really give it that much thought. The second time around, I was left _really_ wondering.

Who or what the heck is "Shion?"

I know I'm not spazzing out. They mention it in the second opening scene : in the Northern Crater with the Turks. Is it someone's last name or did I totally miss something? ^^;

It's just been bothering me. When Cid mentioned his ship as "Sheila" that was also really odd until I realized that he might have been saying "Shera" which makes sense... I think.
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Totally found my LJ background...

Everybody should visit Garakuta..I've loved that site forever and they've added so much about Advent children. If you played the entire game, you'd laugh your face off with some of the artwork. The movie was amazing, but I don't intend to buy it until the American movie comes out.
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Well, this isn't exactly AC related...

But! Could anyone find me a sample of Cloud's Kingdom Hearts voices? Both Japanese and English?

(<3 Cloud in KH. <3333)

Thanks :D

Advent Children Icons?

I'm currently looking for icons by designers on the community to place on my forums. Credit WILL be recieved, as the icons will be classified by the artists LJ names. If you have some Advent Children icons, please feel free to send them to me via. AIM or post the .zip file on the forums. Icons can be up to 100x100 in size. The URL is if you're interested.

Thanks much,

Favourite Characters?

I'm... quite new, and I DID go back quite a few days to see if this has been brought up, but I didn't see anything... so if it HAS been brought up, I'm dreadfully sorry.

However, I was wondering who everyone's favourite character is in Advent Children (or characterS, if you can't pick)? ...And why?

This MAY be a bit spoilerific, so I guess... I'll put my answer behind a cut. xD;

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