September 16th, 2005

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I just want to say that advent children was amazing, sooo amazing everything I expected and I hope for everyone to enjoy it to the fullest I don't think they could have done a better job.
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Advent Children RPG Update!

Wow, the response I got with this was incredible! Thank you all for being so interested! Here's what I have so far as groundwork for the RPG - I'm open to suggestions and assistance whenever you want to offer it so long as it's pleasant. =)

- If you want to join the RPG, please comment here with the character name you wish for. Usually there'd be an application process for these things, but since I like you all so much I'll give you first crack at the characters. (Note: if you commented in the post I made prior to this, just comment here restating that character for certain so I can make a master list. You already have it, so don't worry about it being stolen! It's just to make my life easier. XD)

- In the event that two people want the same character (such as in the instance of Sephiroth), I want to be as fair as possible, so I'm thinking some sort of application should be created as a form of audition. If anyone has suggestions as to how to go about doing this I'm open to them - I've done applications before but input is always welcome.

- Once you've made your comment here, go ahead and create a journal for your character and add advent_aerith (me!) to your friends list. This'll serve as a sort of command center until I make a community journal and get a layout up for it and whatnot. So we can all keep in touch. =)

- Make an AIM and/or Yahoo! name for your character. I have Advent Prayer on AIM and advent_aerith on Yahoo! so you can add me there as well if you want. This will enable us to get together both in character and out of character to discuss plot and things like that as well as conduct one-on-one and group RP sessions as we wish.

- If you need help with icons/layouts for your journal, don't hesitate to ask anyone else. I'm sure everyone's been in that same place before and would be glad to help you out in any way possible!

- Suggestions? Comments? Concerns? Let me know! I'm a very open moderator when it comes to these things and I'd love to have the input of everyone involved in the game. So don't hesitate to let me know what you think about something!

I'm looking forward to this, everyone! As soon as you have your AIM/Yahoo names up and we can get together, we'll discuss plot ideas and storyline twists! I don't want to make any decision without you. =)

[EDIT] I'm online with both the AIM and Yahoo name I mentioned earlier in this post, so feel free to add them to your lists and message me so I can do the same. =) I'm going to run some errands, but I'll check back!

Character Confirmed List Thus Far
Aerith Gainsborough - another_myself//advent_aerith
Vincent Valentine - b10n1c_x//advent_vincent
Cloud Strife - fairypark//secludedstrife
Kadaj - paako//ac_kadaj
Reno - impossibility//cynicaljackass
Sephiroth - ademoninside//ac_sephiroth
Tifa - savifa// heartssecret
Yuffie - epitaphmia//ac_yuffie
Rufus - turkswithrabies//thewhiteghost
Marlene - sephfire//miss_marlene
Cait Sith - goth_bird//ac_caitsith
Red XIII - nanakibh//brave_warrior
Zack - blazing_fenix//advent_blaze

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Crazy stuff :D

Since AC doesn't have the english dubbing done yet, wouldn't it be fun to dub it yourself? If you have a mic, you can record your own voice. This of course isn't meant to be something serious, just a way to have a good time and laugh at your own terrible dubbing xD It could prove interesting when you tell your friends (who don't know any better) that it's authentic..Or better yet, get them to participate. You would just need to add your own cheesy music or play your ff7 soundtrack in the background XD
I'll have Mr.Rude meow the entire time since I don't like him D: Yes, I'll probably get bricked for doing that :D

By the way, would anyone be kind enough to tell me what program(s) you use to make an AMV? I feel like making one for AC and submitting it for a contest at an upcoming convention ^^; Spoiler-free, of course.
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Last Order screencap request

I don't really consider this a spoiler, since it's part of the FFVII game. It's regarding Last Order and a scene that everyone is definitely familiar with from the game, but I'll do a LJ-cut anyway, just in case some of you don't want to know ANYTHING about it, hehe.

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So...was anyone else somewhat disappointed? I thought that the movie had amazing graphics, but beyond that there wasn't much. In a lot of places it felt like they were just trying to force in as many game cameos as possible even if they really weren't necessasry and as a result the entire film just felt rather choppy and underdeveloped. While I think that when all is said and done this movie really had no other purpose other than to show off the FF7 team in high quality graphics, I feel like it was hyped up as being something more deep than that, and as a result I feel disappointed.

Did anyone else have this feeling?
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I have a question about FFVII (the game).

where is "W-item" materia?

i'm on disc two, and i know this materia is on Midgar,but ¿where? ¿can you help me?

Thanks!! ;)
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One icon.

The scene was from the trailer so I feel no need to cut it.
photoburn is your credit if you take, and feel free to drop by there if you like my style. I plan on screencapping like mad.

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