September 15th, 2005

don't read this if you don't want SPOILERS.

well, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've been reading up on spoilers, and I've been trying to work out a theory of what kadaj and the rest of the gang actually are. I assume it hasn't been answered in the movie, because people are still asking, and no one's really explaining. so, here's a little crackpot theory I have. I'd like to know if you guys agree or disagree, or if I've missed some huge point, which could be entirely possible.. actually, I don't doubt it, so help me out here, yea?

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there you have it, the result of my many sleepless nights. I don't know if anyone else has brought this up or what, but I figured I'd throw it out there for you to chew on. D:
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Just Chilling

Final Fantasy 7:The Anime Series

Well, I saw Last Order and I was blown away. This is what I have wanted to see a long time and I'm glad that it was made, despite that it was a 25 min OVA. Now, it got me thinking, I wouldn't mind seeing an anime series to FF7 being done by the same studio that did Last Order. Studio Madhouse. It would do for me, imho, the storyline justice. FF Unlimited and FF:The Legend of The Crystals sucked; you know that they say the 3rd time's the charm right? Comments, Flames, Death Threats? Post it here. II for one, would like to see i
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yuri/ivan - it can control you


Is it just me or did Reno end up sounding a lot like P!nk or Imani Coppola with the "yo" after every sentence?

...Or perhaps Raijin, ya know? D:

Was it just a liberty the fansubbers took with the subbing? Ya have to wonder... What exactly is "yo" in Japanese anyway? XD

[/stating the obvious]
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t&b ✪ ojisan

Icons, whee.

Because I am slow. *dies*

[x4] Cloud
[x3] Reno
[x1] Loz
[x1] Rufus
[x1] Tifa

Loz's was based on something my friend commented about Loz looking like (and reminding her of) Elvis Presley. =X And Tifa's is a photo I took of my figurine and decided to make it into an icon.

(Follow the fake LJ cut!)

{Crossposted like rabbits.}
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Hello, newbie here... After I watched AC, I totally spazzed out and wrote this review... I really sound like I'm on crack. ^_^ I'll write something more serious that makes more sense later.
EDIT: Naturally, the link is full of spoilers!

Advent Children - a crazed run-through the events

I'm screencapping at the moment! Staring at the pretties is just so much fun! Also, I've got a few questions that I'll be tossing forth later... Ta!
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(no subject)

This may not be quite what this Forum is used for but I have a request. I am Photo shop Illiterate, and I'd like to have a background picture made for my LJ. One of Sephiroth walking through the fire with the Poem

Swimming In Hate
Consumed by Guilt
I walk Through Fire
Hand on my Hilt

(I wrote it...or at least I think I did. I don't have a copyright or anything =P It isn't great but I like it.)

SOMEWHERE on the picture. If anyone could do this for me I'd REALLY appreciate it.
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cloud fenrir

I hate BitTorrents .. I hate BitLord

I have tried 5 times now to download advent children using BitLord and failed ... the reasons why it refuses to download still baffle me but there you have it. Now tonight my friend gave me a link from you send it and I suddenly got my hopes up, however as my download reached 20% it uploaded the files and wouldn't you know it, it took me to BitLord when I clicked on it ... and you know what ... it wouldn't work ... That's right I got nada and it crushed my hope that I'd finially be able to see advent children becasue I mean come on you've seen amazons estimation for when it will become available over in America. And hey that's America what about us poor sods over in England?

Any way can I please appeal to you're better natures and ask if anyone has come across a download that doesn't involve that blasted BitLord and BitTorrents... I want to see this movies soooo bad. SO SO SO BAD!
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