September 11th, 2005

Off Topic Slightly...

I should probably post this on my journal... but no one ever reads it. In fact if they did, they'd be hammered with a load of vulgarity, swearing, and more cursing than Cid himself...

Which is why I'm posting here. I think this is a good place to ask if anyone could make me an LJ layout out of some Cid pictures from FF7:AC, as it fits my personality. I'll be honest, I suck at PhotoShop-ing... or else I wouldn't constantly yoink LJ icons from you people. I'm also not the best at coding layouts for LJ... as I've never done it and have no idea how. Also, Cid icons would really be appriciated.

I don't have a paid account yet, mind you. But I'm getting one in a few days, and I'd like to be able to use the layout as soon as I get it, rather than posting after I get it paid and waiting a few days or weeks for the layout.

If you can help, I'd -REALLY- appriciate it.

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Icony Goodness

I come bearing icon goodness. There aren't any spoilers that I know of but if there are forgive me. Comment and credit if yoinking. Or just comment and let me know if they need work,etc. I'm open to constructive criticism. Flames will be used to cook dinner though. ^_~

Oh and there's a handdrawn on the computer picture of something I hand drew in real life. Once my scanner's working I'll upload the actual pic but I was just bored so I re doodled him in photoshop. Yeah it's not the best but the better version will be up soon hopefully. (hopes her scanner will be hooked up soon) Oh and a Friends Only banner too!

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Knife Jack

A rather bizarre question. XD

A ridiculous question, but...

Do you think Reno's hair is naturally spiky or what? What about the color? Ever noticed that he's the only person in the game with an unnatural hair color? So, if it somehow happens to be naturally spiky, do you think it's soft?

Yeah... I have a lot of time to wonder about these things. XD
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