September 2nd, 2005

AC- World Premiere Venice Film Festival 2005

Hi Boys ^____^!!

I went to the World Premiere of FFVII Ac in Venice, during the Film Festival Convention 2005.

The Movie is amazing and I really can't wait to see it again °______°!!

For any spoiler, reply to this post ^_^!!

In the mean Time....a little spoiler.

Loz's cell phone ring tone is "Fanfare" theme XDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!

I can't loose the chance to go there as Yazoo, so I worn my Yazoo cosplay and my Boyfriend the Turks suit ^_^!!

Here we are ^_^!!A little official pic. In the middle of the pic, I'm the silver head XD!!!


The BGM lyrics of the official website. Ripped 'em from another site...

Cur in terra corde erremus?
Cur in terra corde laboremus?
Stella nobis non concessit, non concessit.
Stella nobis non concessit, non concessit.
Terra arum imperarum quo vis?
Carus canus consors Evae corde (---)?
Dii amoris in stella fuerunt.
Anima sacrificare necesse est.
Cur in terram in terra erramus?
Cur media medimus in terra, dii?

I dunno how hard that person had to work to get these, (in spite of that missing word there)... but someone's working hard to translate these...

So I don't want none of you thinking I am taking credit here. I just thought you'd like to see them...

now that I see the words, I can appreciate their beauty more... *Smiles sadly*
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