September 1st, 2005


Prices for the DVD?

The German onlineshop for all kinds of stuff from Japan now lists Advent Children (Japanese Version) as 'coming soon' (they say it will be available in the mid of September)...

But the estimated price is 53€ (which equals rougly 64$ if I calculated it right) + shipping!

So... what are the prices you have seen the DVD for? How much do they charge for the American version?

I think 53€ might be a bit much :-/ When I calculated the yen-price to € something like 36€ came out... maybe they have taxes and everything. But it seems so much difference.

Whatever... I'll wait for the German release and have a look at that price...

Ah... and if I am posting anyway, I can show you that Collapse )
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AC's Image Song

I was browsing the latest news on since I haven't been up-to-date with it lately when I came across the post when they mentioned that AC's image song would be Himuro Kyousuke's CALLING. I downloaded the song a couple of days ago and even though I have no clue what he's saying, I love it xD

I was also reading the thread about the song on's forums and I was a bit surprised at the amount of people that said that it didn't fit FFVII:AC. I suppose they don't like it because it sounds too happy. But wouldn't that technically mean that they'd prefer a more depressing/sad song for the image song? I don't think AC is meant/going to be a sad movie, but I could see how people might get the impression that it's gonna be a sad one. Just look at the trailers! ;_;

IMO, I think it fits pretty nicely, even if I don't know the lyrics. It sounds like a song that you'd hear on the radio or something. (For some reason, I imagine the song playing while Cloud's traveling down some freeway-ish thing on Fenrir. lmao, as if Fenrir has a sound system on it xD) It'd make a good intro for the movie or maybe even the outro to start the credits.