August 26th, 2005

Imagine if Sephiroth sounded like..Yu-Gi-Oh.

There's always a debate about voice actors when it comes to english dubbing for almost anything; games..your favorite anime, etc etc xD. Sooo, if you were to choose the VAs for Advent Children, who would you choose and for what character? I know there are fans out there that no matter what, will prefer the original Japanese voices-- that's fine too. I'm one of the few that enjoys both subs and dubs. Like anyone, I'll still find one or two or many of the characters to nick pick at about the voices (both English AND Japanese <--yeah they screw up too sometimes xD) *slapped* Anyway, I did have someone in mind for Kadaj-- but I realized I was horribly, hooorribly wrong when going back to listen to the voice on Eva ._. I guess the jobs harder than I thought.
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