August 25th, 2005

delayed... = / is it? no? maybe..?

Me and some friends were discussing how awesome it is for SE to finally release something nice♥ in both Japan and the U.S at the same time for once. Then we were speculating that the reason they planned on releasing it simultaneously was that SE wanted to milk it for all it's worth XD You know...In case (and more than likely) someone nice/evil enough in Japan uploads AC on line, then months later (when it's FINALLY released in the U.S) it won't make that much of a profit boom because half the people that we're originally planning on buying it figured there's no point in spending 50+ bucks since they've already seen it/can download it =P question is, how many of you would still buy the DVD even though you're fully capable of downloading it for free?
Anyway, it seems our speculations were wrong again XD, seeing that SE has yet again changed the release date for us...*le sighhh* I guess I know what I want for Christmas this year.
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