August 21st, 2005

Guitar Ninjas


I heard that if you reserve Advent Children (or maybe even if you don't), that it comes with a re-released version of FFVII. Is this true?
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So Long Harry

Two new communities!

My friend and I made an Aeris comm. Come join today! :D If this is not okay to post please just comment and I'll take it down! I didn't see it in the rules not to though. XD It said as long as it was AC or FFVII related and...I think an Aeris comm counts! Thanks for looking! n_n

Also. I just made an FFVII/ AC community for poetry! So please go check that out as well! Thanks again!

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Midgar Fashion Statement

Hallo everybody!

I don't know if anyone has noticed recently, but there's a bit of a fashion craze sweeping through Midgar at the moment. And if you don't join in, then obviously you're not hip enough to play with the cool kids you're probably not a member of Avalanche!

First I saw it on Tifa who being the leading figure in fashion flaunted for everyone to see. I wasn't sure if this statement would take off, at least not in the same way Nike Livestrong writstbands hae done. But then the other day I was heading down the street to work and saw it on Cid too! And now...

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Seriously ~ Anyone know what the deal is with the dark pink strings around the upper left arm???
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Vincent is Missing You (Pink Ribbon Series)

I've got an idea and it may be stupid... but I think we should try to draw pictures and hve a 'series' of characters, wearing the pink ribbon of Aerith... I drew Vincent Valentine because I *had* to. You can draw whomever you want. You can draw the Pope wearing the damn ribbon, but draw someone from FFVII Preferably... *Smiles* Then post it. Whatever your talent in drawing, just do it.

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Otakon 2005: First Hand Account of Count D

Not much (and if there was anything, I must have missed it) was released about Advent Children. But there were some very good Cloud/AC cosplayers... minus the 400lb one I saw. Also, there were a good many Cloud/Aerith pairs, which were pretty awesome. There were a good many AC/Tifas, with very well made costumes. Then... there were the Sephiroths. Lots and lots and lots of Sephiroths. Most were pretty well done, minus the KH/Sephiroth I saw with the "blonde" (Yellow) hair and an older woman at his side with a bad dye job or wig (...Jenova? Nah...) ~cry~. Also, the Turks were there... I think I saw three Rudes, two Renos, one Tseng, one Elena. And thats just what I saw myself. 22,000 people, I'm pretty sure there were more. I myself was Count D most of the con, and being I was in higher-heeled women's sandals, a dress, and a pair of chinese pants that matched (with a rip in the crotch that quickly spred down the pants legs...) I hurt too much to see more.

But you don't care about that, though. You want to know what was for sell in the dealers room...

Well, here's a quick walkthrough. The first booths were corperate. TokyoPOP, Geneon, Funimation, US Manga Corps, Tofu Records... and then there was Dreamworks. I watched this first hand, and it was hillarious. The Dreamworks booth was open, had three people waiting there to serve those interested and give out materials. And they were ready two hours later after I think I saw a parent walk over in interest. Then, one of the booth workers got POed possibly just damned bored and left. Eventually, the rest followed. This was just four hours after the dealers room opened... All that was left was the background and a table of randomly scattered materials.

After the corperate area, we had the other businesses. Ah, now this was where the fun was. Almost 75% of the tables had Advent Children related material. Be it posters, puzzles, original movie posters from Japan, and then the action figures. Yes, the figures. Or statues, if you want. But they were there in all their sexy pre-release glory. Its very possible you could bought them, too... for a very large sum of money. But they were up for grabs in contests. There were also DoC posters, lots of fanart, and tons of plushies.

I'll post pictures later... as for now, I need to lather my legs in IcyHot.