August 17th, 2005

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So, in another two days a good many of us will be at Otakon.

First, I'm wondering if anyone from the community is wanting to meet up to hang out some? If so, I think nows a good time to start posting times or whatever of who wants to meet where and when.

Also, I will sadly not be attending this year as Cloud. Rather, I'll be at Otakon as the "dragon lady madam butterfly" himself, Count D. In fact, I'll be really easy to spot. The only bishounen guy there dressed in a kimono, obi, and sandals.

Anyway, if you're going and you want to meet up with other members of the community, please post here.

Meetup Badges

Ok so I'm not sure if a time/place/etc. has been set for the people going to Otakon to meet up. However if anyone wants to have a pretty badge to wear for the con to help identify yourself to other members I made some. Feel free to pick one and print it out and wear it or pick several. I'm torn myself between which one to use. hehe

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DOWNLOAD --> New Commercial!

As gacked from -->

Ah, this would be the commercial that today's earlier screenshots were taken from. Spoilers. Pretty, pretty, shiny, violent spoilers.

Downloading process can be a tad confusing, but you can copy and paste this link: and type in the following into the teeny-tiny box under the information: ff7ac

If that doesn't work (it didn't for me) you can pop in line and download via FileFront which is a very simple process, but you'll have to wait a minute or two to get in line. Refer to for extra links if these are not sufficient.

It's fifteen seconds worth of the most wonderful crack in existence. ENJOY.

EDIT: If there are problems, skulk on the forums, or you can attempt this link --

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This may be slightly off topic, but it pertains to the community.

blackkittikat and I just purchased webspace. If pseudomachine agrees to it and the rest of you feel the need, I'd like to set up a forum for the community. On the forum, you can post off topic, have open discussions, etc. There will also be a news section, a downloads section, and access to the IRC channel through the website (rather than going through the irc client crap I know you all hate).

You might be wondering why I'm doing this when theres already Well, for one, you can't download the trailers there. Since I "live" on ebay, I'll post links to auctions I happen to find. I'll also dedicate part of the forums to pictures from Otakon, members of the community cosplaying and such. And another thing, a lot of people have lost access to the forums for some reason or another. The rules will be easy to follow, as there aren't really any. No one will be banned, but you will be warned if you mess up, and before that we'll actually investigate the matter first.

The webspace is located at, and the link to the forums (when up) will be

If you'd like to help, I'm on AIM as EncodedFATE. If you have any webskills (PHP, HTML, Flash movies, layouts, graphic editing) please PM me with an example and I'll get you an FTP and e-mail account. I'll be at Otakon after tomorrow and I'll be back on Monday. If you're attending as well, just find me and I'll take care of things. Those not attending... well, like I said, Monday.

Advent Children 3

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Well I guess it's official. They rerendered the whole movie, if that's what it's called. If you're a maniac like me, you've noticed the realism added to the Tifa/Loz fight scene, the part where Cloud sticks the Buster Sword into the ground, and I think they may have gotten rid of the scene where Cloud is on Fenrir riding down the highway. and oh yeah...Yazoo is dual-wielding!