August 15th, 2005

o.o poke

hiya ^^ I just joined this community.. Well, what can I say? I'm very excited about Advent Children like everyone else. My favorite character is definitely Kadaj because he's childish, cute, and has the sexiest voice ever. I was very pleased with the the voice actor they chose for him. Though I'm stressing over what it'll sound like when it's dubbed over in english ._. Thank heavens for subs if worst comes to worst <3
Anyway, what's everyone favorite (or potential favorite) character from the movie? Though your choices may change after watching the movie, I'm pretty sure my fave will remain as Kadaj XD Meh. They say i act just like him. If only I had the nice silvery hair to go with it..
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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Sephie Plushie! >u

Weeeee, I figured I would share this with the community~! ^_____^ I finished him a while ago but the person who ordered it was a deadbeat and sent me no chedder~! *cry*
So I bring you the public~ A Sephi Plushie! <3

Details here for all interested~ <3

And yes, Cloud is on the way~ ;D He's about 40% completed. <3 I am all like Advent-Chilren-happy right now being that the release is so close so who knows what other characters else will pop up~ xD

Thanks for you time!!