August 2nd, 2005


Through my own research, I've discovered the true pairing that the programmers intended in the game... Abandon your arguing over the proper couple and click the link. You will find out and believe! Believe, I say!

The real romantic pair of FFVII...

(Warning- the linked post also contains some semi-not worksafe Shadow Hearts 2 art at the bottom. Just... Don't scroll down too far if you're somewhere that's strict about that.)

Release Date Dubbya-Tee-Effs

I went to GameStop today with my friend Sean and, out of redundant curiousity, asked the release date for Advent Children. ...November. WTF?! He did confirm it would be released on DVD and PSP, of course. Then asked if I wanted to pay the five dollars to reserve it.

I'm not sure what that means. Maybe you can buy the subtitled version next month, then get the dubbed version in November. Maybe their dates are screwed up. But.... you might check your local anime shop, if you have one, and get them to get it for you. I have the feeling it'll be pretty hard to get a hold of right away otherwise.