August 1st, 2005

More Hints at PS3 FFVII Remake

Gamespot checked in with Square Enix representatives regarding the FFVII PS3 tech demo at the recently concluded Square Enix Party. Their response was cryptic, but they did mention that "provided fan reaction continues to be feverishly positive over the demo and the very notion of a FFVII remake, it's certainly something that Square Enix would bear in mind when planning future projects."

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone has an actor/actress who they could imagine providing the voice for a charactor in advent children? The reason I ask is because I was watching a film with the young Christopher Walken (he was about 27) and his voice was really similar to how I imagine Vincent's! It was kind of subtle american with an edge... So, any suggestions?
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Well, its another lazy summmer Monday. I'm bored, I'm tired of playing Final Fantasy XI and dealing with people who refuse to speak proper english and obvious Gil related issues, and I have a 24-pack of Pepsi and a carton of cigarettes beside me...

...Which leads me to the topic at hand. This has very little to do with the actual Advent Children movie, but since this flash series has FFVII characters and many instances of Sephiroth just being a badass, I figured I'd post links to these movies here. I mean, many of you are probably just as bored as I am, many of you just got home from a long day at work and need amusement. Many of you could even be on Newgrounds right now looking up Dating Sims. And none of you want to waste your time filtering through crappy movies on Newgrounds trying to find a decent set. So, here they are.

Episode One:

Episode Two - Part One:

Episode Two - Part Two:

Episode Two - Part Three:

Notice the labeling. They make it easy for someone to understand who can count no higher than three. Also, there isn't anything to read unlike all the other movies you see on there, it's all read aloud. And thank god, because after the hours and hours I spent there today my eyes hurt like a Moomba getting hit by Doomtrain.

Anyway, give em' a look. If I, the uber-critical bastard I am, can like these... well... odds are you will too. Or you'll be angry because it's missing your precious All Your Base or Whassup!? reference... and if thats the case, no one likes you anyway.