July 25th, 2005

Guitar Ninjas

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I was just wondering...after seeing the Advent Children Trailer that while back, I wanted to get some screenshots from the game. Specific ones...I need some good screens of Barrett, Yuffie, and Vincent. Everytime I try to get them, they are all blurry...I hate it. If someone could help with that, I'd really appreciate it. Also, I'd like to now how to put pics behind LJ cuts...so I can share them with people. Sorry if that sounds stupid, but I'm not good with computers.

One more thing...I read o somewhere that CLoud's bike can carry up to 6 swords in it. If that's true, then the mystery of the random new sword may just be solved. I just wanted to know if anyone else heard of this, because I don't want to spread false information. I'd be really cool if it's true...'cause then I'd be able to wonder which swords he's carrying around.
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