July 24th, 2005

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You'd think that Cloud's sleveless turtleneck would be... Cool. Breezy. Open.

After three hours of working on the cosplay outfit for Otakon while wearing it, I'd just like to say IT'S NOT. Mother of Christ on Toast, this thing is hotter than Ifrit's balls.

If you're dressing as Cloud for Otakon, be sure to turn on a fan while you work. And if you're any other male character (other than Barret), doubly so.

...SO EFFKIN' HOT O_O;;;;;

New IRC Channel for The Community

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will soon be released, so I think this is required now more than ever. Why? I'll be honest... Loads and loads of you are going to want to download it. And the community will flood with spoiler posts, or what could be. So, I'm making a new channel and making sure I'm one of the first to have this movie so I can share it in the channel.

For the time being, once I get everything in order, Trailers, AMVs, and official artwork will be available. Other anime will be available as well. If you wish to join us, the LJ-Cut will contain all the information you need to join the channel, share files, and download files from other users.

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For those who know what they're doing already, go to Aniverse and join #AdventChildren_


Ok so I had a couple questions out of curiousity... One is sorta kinda off topicish a bit but not really so sorry if it bothers anyone. Please don't summon Meteor on me...

OT-ish kinda one: Is anyone here going to Otakon this year and cosplaying as a FF char? Just curious if anyone else is going and dressing up as who/what(moogle, moomba, Jenova, etc.).

I'm personally going as game version Tifa and female/bondage/miniskirt Squall.

Next question: Does anyone know where to find an Advent Children mood theme for paid accounts? I'd love to get one and replace my FMA one but I can't find one for the life of me and I'm too busy with costumes and stuff to make one. Thanks in advance.

Think that's all for now so Thanks again for not summoning Meteor on me!
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