July 23rd, 2005

SuJu: Sungmin's sexy lips <3

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Okay, I'm gonna try this again because it didn't want to work for me the first time. *sigh*  Anyway, this has been mentioned...so I thought I would post the pictures and my theory of why SE did what they did. (I could be wrong though!)

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I was just wondering if anyone would know where I could download two AMVs that were posted in this community a while back. Maybe someone else saved them ((or at least one)), and wouldn't mind sending them my way. ^__^ Pretty please?

One is pretty recent, but the link expired. It was to the song "Forsaken" from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. The other is from a few months ago, and was made to a song called "Omen". The song was in German, I believe.

I had both of these AMVs saved on my compy, but lo and behold, compy fried and they were lost. -_- I would love to have these vids again, so I hope someone out there can point me to 'em.

Ah, and kudos to the creators of these videos. They were both awesome. ;) Thanks!
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