July 22nd, 2005

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Er, I'm not sure if I'm the only one having trouble with the Crisis Core trailer.

For some reason it's not showing up on Gamespot--I just get ads when I try to download it, and IGN's only letting people who are subscribed download now.

Anyone know of anywhere else that has it? Or maybe upload it? :|

Crisis Core Trailer.


This hasn’t been linked to in this community yet, so I thought I might as well – it’d be an incredible shame to miss it.

http://www.gamespot.com/psp/rpg/crisiscorefinalfantasyvii/media.html?part=rss&tag=gs_all_games&subj=6129592 (Originally linked from www.adventchildren.net).

It’s the Crisis Core trailer (with Last Order) footage, and it can basically be summarized as: Zack. Zack. Zack. Ooh, look, Cloud! Zack. Zack. Zack. My, doesn’t Sephiroth have a gorgeous voice? Zack. Zack. Yay, brilliant fight scene! Zack. Zack. Sephiroth. Cloud. Zack.

This is why I never review anything. I wish I could be more coherent, but I seriously recommend everyone downloads it – the animation is stunning, and there is a wonderful excess of Zack, briefly Cloud and we nearly see Sephiroth’s face. (He and Aeris suffer a similar issue; it is just that he got away with prancing around in the Official Picture TM.)
See? Rambling. It’s brilliant. Amazing. Breath-taking. Heart-breaking, even!

I’ll be quiet. Go download. I beg you. I’ll give you cookies. If you’re not so sure, here’s the dialogue, so you actually know what you are downloading!

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Actually, scrap that – if you accidentally wack the pause button at the wrong time during a fight scene you can see Sephiroth’s face. Not a happy camper. Let’s give him a hug.