July 21st, 2005


Hey everyone, snowgarden posted a new AC trailer not too long ago. I downloaded it. Thought it was really good, as did most of you all, I'm sure. In any case, I thought, hey, there'd be some really good pictures in here. So, I'm going to extract all the frames. Now, see, there are about 4,000 (some of which are the greenband, so I'm skipping them) so it's going to take me a bit, and I won't be able to keep them on my computer (I plan on storing them in my gmail inbox, where I've more than enough room). I'll post a few I really like under a cut. But I was thinking, if there were any particular pictures any of you might want, just tell me when that particular image might occur (like 30 seconds in, 1 minute in, or a description, that sort of thing), and I'll save it and post it for you!

and speaking of gmail...I have an unlimited amount of gmail invites. So if anyone wants Gmail, just give me your email address, and I'd be glad to send you an invite (an invite is the only way I know how to get a gmail account at this point). Gmail has about unlimited storage space, and is, well, altogether one of the best email providers out there. So if anyone wants gmail, just ask...

Rude, Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Hopefully this kind of thing is allowed.  It was randomly made one night when the idea struck me like a 2x4 to the brain...  Square Enix still owns them, I just played with them ala Pinky and the Brain with a more perverse twist.  If it breaks a rule just tell me and I'll delete it with sincere apologies.  Otherwise... Enjoy!


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Ok, so my original plan for extracting the frames didn't work. I can't store them all on my computer, so I had planned to store them in my gmail inbox until I needed them. So I've got about 1,000 of them extracted and I go to email them to myself, but I figure out that I can't send the entire file at once, I've got to send it file by file. So I've changed my plan. I can still extract the images. So just tell me about the time frame the image(s) you're looking for are, and I'll extract those frames, and I'll email the ones I think you were talking about. Sound good? Ok then.

I come bearing more....

A short little story I threw together in about 7 min.  Forgive any bad grammar.  Again hope it's allowed.  This has slightly adultish themes but not really... Mostly along the lines of the extra appendages located on Jenova's chest.  I think that describes it right.  Anyway here goes.  Behind the cut!

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Well, from the first 2,000 frames of the new trailer, these few are probably my favourite. Mind you, that even though there are 4,000 or so frames, most of them are the same with slight, minute differences.

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So I still have 2,000 frames to sort through, so if anyone wants anything specific, just ask.

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Now, I'm no great shakes at creating icons, but I'm OK when I need to be. You'll see under the cut are two icons that I thought might be worth it. Again, I'm not the best, but I think they're Ok, if I do say so myself...

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Now, I know that the one of Cloud is a little small, but it's because if I made it a full 100x100, it would become very stretched. They're here for the taking, should anyone decide that they want them.

just a thought..

That part in advent children where cloud walks up to his buster sword thats sticking out of the ground... it reminds me of this children's story called "the sword and the stone" i cant remember it well i was really little when i heard it but the plot was something like, the kings dying and whoever has the strength to pull the sword out of the stone gets to take over his emperor or whatever... so all this big stuck up rich kids try doing it and none of them can get it out, and than this poor kid tries and he gets it out and becomes the new king. Has anyone else heard of this story?

What this news is worth...

Alright everyone, I'm not sure what this news is worth... but I've been on a listening post on the corporate levels for Gamestop and there's a possible early release for FF7: Advent Children for those who made reservations this early. This is made possible by the fact that the trailer release date is not the "street" release date that vendors are given. Thus it is very much possible that an early release in the late summer, at least in Japan, can occur. This is still iffy though since this is controlled by the distributors from Japan and Square-Enix. But expect some weird stuff to happen considering this thing has been hyped a chunk beforehand. TO whom these early releases are available to? Corporate word says that all retailers (not limited to Gamestop) will have it for those who made reservations.
yuri/ivan - it can control you

Fanfic for your reading pleasure! :3

I usually don't like sharing my stuff, but people apparently love me. So... I mentioned how I was going to write this a while ago... and I did... so read it.

[x-posted to my LJ, of course.]

Category: Final Fantasy VII (Though I bet you knew that. XD)
Title: You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us
Chapters: One-shot
Genre: Action Adventure/ Humor
Rating: Fiction Rated: T
Pairing: Mild Reno+Rufus at the end only. Very light shounen-ai - almost non-existant. You can actually skip the whole bottom half if you're not a shounen-ai fan and you'll be perfectly fine because that whole part was meant just to be an add-on.
Summary: The average day off for Reno and Rude becomes quite the fiasco...
Status: Complete

It's not often that I write something non-shounen-ai, so here it is for you. Hope you enjoy it.
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