July 18th, 2005


I signed up for an account on adventchildren.net MONTHS ago and recently I wanted to log in but it said they banned my IP address. i didn't receive ANY warnings, and I emailed the forums administrator and haven't gotten any reply in almost a month. I emailed the website admin but still haven't got a reply...what did I do wrong?? This is annoying ToT I wanna go back on the forums!! ToT Anyone have any advice?
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Hi all.

Let's have an attempt to return to normalcy, okay...? ._.


Trailer Updates
FF7AC Reunion has hosted a trailer for Advent Pieces, which includes footage from Last Order: FFVII, and TV commercials for the upcoming Square Enix Party and Before Crisis. They will be taken down after today, so you should head over now if you wish to download them. In other news, Japanese 7-Eleven stores are now carrying pamphlets for the UMD release of Advent Children.

八百万の神 // ♥ tastymint ♥



After watching those trailers...

What the hells is "Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII"? o.o


OMFGZ FF7 OVA SLJSF SEPHIROTH JENOVA FLASHBACKkldakgsfwrgrfkmsanjs *falls over twitching*
Guitar Ninjas


What would be a a really awesome battle?

I could think of a few possibilities...

Kadaj Vs Yazoo
Cloud Vs Zack
Reno Vs Vincent
Barrett Vs Cid
Sephiroth, Kadaj, & Yazoo Vs Cloud, Vincent, & Reno <<<(I'd pay to see that one!)
Tifa Vs Yuffie Vs Aeris <<<(Catfights are always good.)
& maybe even...
Cait Sith Vs Sephiroth <<<(Why not!?)

I would like to see how some of those unfold. No doubt it'd be interesting...
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