July 14th, 2005

Guitar Ninjas

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You knowwhat I think!?

I think somone should make figures of the AC characters.
Someone awesome...like Todd McFarlane!
'Cause I would love to have a kewl little Sephi grace my desktop.
I would have to collect like hell!
Well...I'm beginning to rant...so I'm off!
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Trailer search

So, in my search for AC trailers, I've found quite a lot that were good. Lots of them. But they're all in Japanese. Does anyone know where to find a trailer in English? And not the trailer with the English narrator, but actual character speak. In English? Anyone?

And thanks for the release dates. I must say, I got many more answers than I would have expected.

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I'm desparate for information.

Anyone know the Advent children OFFICIAL site.

Not adventchildren.net, but the other one with all the trailers and whatnot.

And if you have it the one in english too please.

Thanks in advance!

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Ok, I have some questions for the story to AC. I went to the official site, and read the story there, but all it leaves us with is the fact that there is an illness spreading that leaves you with a high chance of death. Then it says Cloud steps up to be a hero again, but really whats he going to do. Dress up as Dr. Mario with Tifa as the skimpy dressed nurse and fight off geostigma? Ok, no, that was just for a funny thought XD
Anyway, does anyone know what point of the three brothers are and why there would even be a need to re create another sephiroth? As far as I know from random reading, geostigma has something to do with the end of VII and mako, [I've beaten vii, do feel free to say spoilers], but I'm not sure if that has any truth to it.
Sorry if that was confusing >__<; I try to cram everything together at times