July 7th, 2005

yuri/ivan - it can control you

omgwtf, it's Nanaki BHizzle back, yo!

Wow... I don't remember ever joining this, but apparently I did a while ago and just didn't realise it. XD

Anyway, I was searching around and came across this again. So, do I have anything relevant to say? Yes I do. Well, it's a question actually. Kind of. So... you've all seen that picture of Reno in that cockpit by now, correct? I don't know if you've ever thought about it... but I was going through the game recently and I saw the Shinra helicopter and I was like, "omgwtf?!" So yeah. Do you think Reno pilots the Shinra helicopter? XD Just a theory, ya know?

But anyway, I could make myself useful sometime and give you fanfics. I'm sure I'll be writing one for Reno and Rude pretty soon. XD My, do I have the greatest idea... *cough* It's not yaoi. Sorry. Sounded like that. ^^; *prances*
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