June 30th, 2005

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Please give me a few links for Kadaj or SHM pics. Mostly Kadaj please. Kadaj LJ icons would be heavily appreciated and you will be loved forever. Or even Turk.... Wow I edit this way to much, I want so much, too much T.T
Chinese Yids

Want Dear Friends to come to DC?

Having recently been to Atlanta concert, I became inspired and determined to bring Dear Friends to the best FF fans on earth, the DC community. So I wrote up a petition requesting S-E to do so.

This petition is targeted towards those in the Greater Washington area, meaning DCDelMarVa. But others are welcome to sign it, so long as we have reached the target of Greater Washington residents.

You may read the articles of petition and sign at the link below.

Petition to S-E

Off the record, I've received word from the producer that he would love to set up a concert at Kennedy if he had the word from S-E. It's an off-record comment, so it can't be verified.

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Hey! ^_^

Maybe this has been asked before, so point me to the convo and I'll get rid of this post...

Anyway, do the SHM also have Geostigma? In the most recent preview, we see Kadaj talking to the group of kids and he's saying something about striking back at the planet "for racking our bodies with pain". We know these kids have Geostigma, so because of what he's said there, is it safe to assume he and his bros do too? That's the only explanation I can see, unless he was just using that as a tactic to get the kids to trust him... *headscratch*

What do you think?
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