June 27th, 2005

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Advent Children: Special Edition Information

I don't think this was posted yet....

Advent Children: Special Edition Information
According to RPGFan, information on the Special Edition DVD of the awaited Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children seems extremely promising. North American consumers don't jump for it yet, it may only be available in Japan.
Tsutaya (A Japanese online store) is already booking and releasing information on the product, including the price. The price (converted to USD) points out to a whopping $274.83. One of the highest priced Special Edition DVDs ever made. A normal priced special edition DVD is usual $81.98 USD to $119.25 USD, again, directly converted from the Japanese YEN.

The Special Edition DVD set includes:
-Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie (length: 97 minutes)
-Final Fantasy VII Digest (length: 30 minutes)
-Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Official trailer (length: 2 minutes)
-Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Trailer (length: 10 minutes)
The box set will also include upon shipping:
-A figure set of Cloud and his motorcycle
-A special DVD featuring the following contents:
-Last Order Final Fantasy VII OVA
-Making-Of footage
-Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Venice Film Festival trailer
-Various other Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children trailers
-A voice recording-enabled libretto replica
-A cup
-A t-shirt
-A key holder
-PlayStation One RPG Final Fantasy VII International (this four-disc set will come in a special packaging)
We'll post more information when recieved, especially if noting the availablility of Advent Children outside of Japan.

Lloyd be pimpin'

My crappy fic.

Yeah, I've been writing a fanfic when I'm bored. I wanted to know if I have any real talent (I doubt it) Or if I'm a horrible writer (which is the one I'm inclined to believe).

Anyway, it's your basic FF7 fanfic. Comments and constructive critisism are always welcome, and you can find what Chapters I've completed so far in my Journal. Thanks! ^^

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