June 21st, 2005

AC Ultimate Edition Details

As well as the features of the standard edition DVD (trailers for AC and other Compilation titles, and a digest movie of FFVII), the AP:L DVD also includes audio commentaries from the staff.

The second disk, not included with the standard edition, includes a making of FFVIIAC, the special presentation version shown in Venice, trailers used at various events in the past, and the OVA "Last Order Final Fantasy VII". Last Order appears to be an original story seperate from AC and set before FFVII.

The mesh cap (featuring a design based on Bahamut) and T-shirt (which uses the 'Cloudy Wolf' symbol) are a collaboration with the fashion brand 'LUZ'.

The script replica, as well as all the dialogue from the film, also includes bits such as scene explainations, and offers 'a glimpes into one aspect of [AC's] production'.

The copy of FFVII Internation included will be the same as the '97 version contents-wise, but will include a special displayable case as well.

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