June 17th, 2005

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English Voice Actors

Yes, I know some of you think that English Dubbing is horrible and you're not even going to watch it if there is dubbing and couldn't care if there was, but when are they going to release the names of the voice actors? I hate subbing and if I have to watch AC in subbing I'll kill.
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Japanese Playstation.com Site Updated


Now taking preorders for the FFVII AC DVDs, as well as a link to purchase the PSOne Books version of FFVII International.

The so-called "Ultimate Edition", with the added merchandise, is being called "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children -Advent Pieces: Limited-".

Their are some short story summaries, but nothing we didn't know. The main reason to take a gander would be the screenshots (including a new one of Last Order: FFVII), as well as the merchandise that will come with Advent Pieces.

Credits: http://ff7ac.hotcafe.to/ & adventchildren.net
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