June 16th, 2005


Sims 2 skins

I found some amazing Sims 2 skins featuring AC!Cloud. :D You may or may not have them... but they're lots of fun.

Made by mimewhite, you can find them here.

IMO, his best are Cloud, the newest Sephiroth, and Aeris.

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Wow this is pretty cool. I just typed in Advent Children in Google and clicked on this one site that gave all the voice actors for AC. I don't know if this was already posted but here:

Credited cast:

Takahiro Sakurai - Cloud Strife
Ayumi Ito - Tifa Lockheart
Tsuduruhara Miyuu - Marlene

Rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Keiji Fujiwara - Reno
Kyosuke Ikeda - Denzel
Yumi Kakazu - Yuffie Kisaragi
Yûji Kishi - Yazoo
Masahiro Kobayashi - Barret Wallace
Taiten Kusunoki - Rude
Toshiyuki Morikawa - Sephiroth
Shotaro Morikubo - Kadaj
Kenji Nomura - Loz
Toru Ôkawa - Wheel Chair Person
Walter Roberts - Promotional Movie Narrator
Maaya Sakamoto - Aeris Gainsborough
Shogo Suzuki - Vincent Valentine
Kenichi Suzumura - Zack

Does anyone know if any of those people were ever did anime voices or something? If so, what anime? And I guess you'll know what the character sounds like.

I can't wait for this movie.
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