June 15th, 2005


Chocobo Cloud. Again. SICK OF IT YET?

So yeah, another post from the Cloud with the Chocobo.
And yes, I'm pretty sure everyone only remembers the Chocobo.
But hey, I CAN DREAM.
Anyway, Random Cloud-Gasm for a second there. It happens.

So yeah, I decided I'd put a picture of with me and Ghetto-sword.
This buster sword was mad by my best friend, with ducttape, paint and cardboard in about three hours. It's light, AND TEH GHETTOEST SWORD EVAR!!1
And we love it. We want to make our next swords out of foam covered in shiny silver Vinyl so we can smack each other around. Ahem.
Also, Me and my best friends Ghetto-Zack. The only things that we didn't ghetto out on for that was the shirt and the pants. The rest is being remade, and the ghetto wig of doom is going to get lit on fire and sacraficed to the Square-Hair gods.
Cloud is getting remade too, since my shoulderpad sucks hard. And my hair needs to grow.

So yeah, me and Zack looking dork-ass. Well, I'm not even looking at the camera. probably at a Tifa's ass or something. Alot of them were hanging out. Not all in a good way.
Lj-cut for your viewing..pleasure?

Editted in this picture I found of me, a girl I know as Lulu and a caitsith that I swore was making a move on her. I think I was making kissy faces at a sephiroth. or at least thats How I'm trying to explain my retarded facial expression. My hair had died by that point.
And its large, since school computers have no editting programs :/ le cry.
now I just need to find a picture of Cloud and his Aeris replacement girlfriend, Mrs. bacardi breezer.

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