June 13th, 2005

Updated Info on FF7:AC

I found this new info about AC...this is just a rough translation from a google translator.



  < God 羅 sight renewal! As for FF7AC 9/14 sale decisions! >
At God 羅 sight renewal and Nomura comment FF7AC September 14th sale and publication! How from super surprise and jump 24 of 5/16 sales the " God 羅 sight " being similar first, sale day was published! New

< From God 羅 sight comment part excerpt >

Nomura announces " the sale day of FF7AC with the God 羅 sight 9/14 " is.

Usually edition 4,800 Yen (including tax) in estimate
Price of limited edition is undecided.
At weekly jump of 5/16 sales it releases the up-to-date picture.

4 months after! Already there is no 100% postponement! As for quality proper way mono in enormous thing! Destined for sale the various events in the midst of preparation! However " when there is a stealing 撮, screening becomes difficult and/or " with points also the nail when * & * everyone stealing 撮, it echos in the various events and movie screening, it does not do, don't you think? the sea urchin be sure to protect.

[ Relation ] God 羅 company sight


* (6/10 postscripts)

Sale day September 14th of /2005 (water) sale
Price / first edition * usually edition: 4,800 Yen (DVD), limited edition: 29,500 Yen (DVD+ other things)
PSP edition undecided
Specification / picture size 16:9 LB sound
Dolby digital 5.1 ch / stereo (Dolby professional logic II)
Manufacturer / スクウェア * エニックス
Type /DVD, UMD (PSP)
Genre / image work
Recording image /97 minute (schedule)
Character Design / Tetsuya Nomura

Usually edition specification: Benefit image

(* Below, benefit image contents)
1 * FINAL FANTASY VII digest /30 minute (schedule)
(The event scene of PlayStation edition of the previous production was connected, digest image)
2 * FFVIIAC official trailer /2 minute
3 * Compilation of FINAL FANTASY VII trailer /10 minute (schedule)
(Each trailer of related works " of FFVII " recording)

The first edition specification: The first limited luxurious package specification + benefit image
(* As for benefit image contents usually similar to edition)

7 large item bundled limited edition specifications (ADVENT PIECES:LIMITED)
7 large item + benefit images (* as for image contents usually similar to edition)

(* Contents of or less 7 large items)
Figure set of 1 * cloud + foehn rill (motorcycle
2 *. image benefit DVD (below, main recording contents)
* Making image
* " FF VII ADVENT CHILDREN " ヴェネチア movie festival edition
* " FF VII ADVENT CHILDREN " various trailers
Script replica for 3 * voice recording
4 * cap
5 * T shirt
6 * key holder (serial number it enters)
(Limited edition special specification, original picture label)
Bundled plans. 29,500 Yen in price, 9/14 sale

* " Benefit image " is recorded in all specifications. However making and the like entered, as for the " image benefit DVD " the ADVENT The PIECES:LIMITED (7 large item luxurious benefits) only it has not been attached.
  Sale day of FF7AC decides! 9/14 sales.

Source: FF7:AC reunion