June 9th, 2005

Final Fantasy for PS3 in the works (Subtle hint a possible remake?)

During an interview with the Japan Gaming Magazine "Dengeki Playstation", Yoshinori Kitase (Director of Final Fantasy VII) revealed a Final Fantasy title is in the works for the PS3.

With the recent denials that a remake of Final Fantasy VII is in the works for the PS3, serveral sites have speculated that this may be Final Fantasy XIII. To this speculation Kitase-san responded...

"As a hint, one thing I can say is that the FFVII technical PS3 demo was supervised by me and created by Toriyama-san (Main Director on Final Fantasy X-2) and his team staff. I'll leave it to you, but you can imagine that development is happening via a similar process."

Interesting hint, but it could mean a couple of things;
- A remake of FFVII is in the making for PS3
- The engine used for the tech demo is being re-used for Final Fantasy XIII, like the engine of the PS2 tech demo (Final Fantasy VIII dancing scene) was apparently re-used for Final Fantasy X.
- The experience gained from creating the FFVII tech demo is being used to create a new, even better engine.

Basically, the list is endless... who knows, maybe a remake of FFVII will see the light of day afterall, or maybe not.

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