May 29th, 2005

  • 9tails

Of SHM and Nokia-Prank-Calls.

I apologize if links for the following have been provided before, but holy-heck, they’re far too brilliant not to be mentioned again. It shouldn’t be off topic either, as it is Advent Children, and the far too amusing antics of three certain SHM.

These were found on Voice-Acting Alliance, in which extremely talented individuals get to strut their stuff in role-plays, clips, re-done audio, etc. If one has a good look around, there is some really amazing work, especially in some FFX and KH excerpts.

Anyway, to get to the point: Kadaj. Yazoo. Loz. (Briefly) Cloud. English. Extremely funny one-to-two minute clips. Right-click on the first link given. Could easily slot into the movie. Enjoy yourself, and take nothing too seriously, or you may suffer irreversible damage. Personally, I think they should hire Kadaj for the AC-Dub. My-oh-my, can that boy scream.


Numero Uno-->
Quote: In this episode, the three SHM (Silver Haired Men) from FFVII: Advent Children give Cloud more reasons to be irritated than an entourage of raging fangirls! Once again the use of cellular phones is cleverly advertised!

Numero Duo-->
Quote: The three SHM (Silver Haired Men) from FFVII: Advent Children prosper in harmonious rejoicing during their first acquaintance with their mother. Takes place after Kadaj's wonderfully aweometaculariffic scream that you've probably seen in the most recent Advent Children trailers (if you downloaded them at all that is, if not -- WTF is wrong with you?!).


[I was not the creator or actor(s) of the previous, and thusly take no credit for it. My, isn’t wonderful when one royally screws up the English language. Am just an overly amused fan at two o’clock in the morning, who really thinks the love should be spread.]