May 17th, 2005


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Hello, I'm new to this commuinty and I love Final Fantasy VII/Advent Children. ((I'm overly obsessed...))

  I have a theory to the person in the wheelchair! I believe that it is Rufus, and it is posted on my journal. Feel free to make any comments.


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New one.

Hi, everyone! I'm Terra. (: I'm in no way obsessed with Advent Children. I can wait for September, really. I'm an entirely sane person and I'm very patient!

Okay, I lied. COME OUT NOOOW ADVENT CHILDREN! COME OUTTT! I LOVE YOU VINCENT! And the recent slew of trailers haven't helped much, either.

Well, anyway. ^_^ I haven't got much else to say, but I would like to pimp my icontest, adventawards for any of you icon makers out there. :D It's rather new, and needs a few more members before contests can get started. Check it out if you're interested!

Yeah. I'll shut up now. XD
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The past couple of days concerning Advent Children and FFVII in general has been very exciting. I applaud all of you who contribute and bring the information over here for everyone to see. Because of you, this has become my main source for FF7/AC information.

Keep it up! <3

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Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII E3 2005 Impressions

While once each Final Fantasy game stood on its own, Square Enix has increasingly shown a willingness to revisit the worlds of certain games. A good example is what the company calls its Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, which includes the Advent Children movie in development, the Before Crisis game for mobile phones, and the upcoming Vincent-rich Dirge of Cerberus for the PlayStiaton 2. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII is another game in the mix, an upcoming PlayStation Portable action role-playing game that Square Enix promises will "exceed the expectations of fans."

There aren't many details about the game available, but Square Enix did show an animated concept trailer. The trailer revolved around Zack, the soldier who fought alongside Cloud before the events of the original Final Fantasy VII. It showed a rendering of the Final Fantasy VII bit where Zack and Cloud spoke together, interspersed with images of Sephiroth going mad in Nibelheim and many scenes of Zack in battle. This suggests that Crisis Core will be a prequel to its source material, with Zack as the main character.

We'll continue to relate news about Crisis Core as it is made available, so keep watching this gamespace for details.

By Bethany Massimilla, GameSpot POSTED: 05/16/05 04:40 PM

That's hot.

I think next year I definitely want to go to E3. If I can. :/ Like.
I really wanted to go this year with a couple of you so that we could do an Advent Children report. But... There was like, no chance in hell of that happening lmao


In light of new FF7 Developments...

I want to ask you guys a question. Most of us have already seen the remake demo of the opening of FF7. If you guys had the choice of remaking a FF7 FMV scene, or hell, any final fantasy major scene (I'm talking the ones that don't have the greatest graphics, like FF4, FF6 and possibly FF8), which one would it be and why?

Personally, in terms of FF7, I'd like to remake the scene where the weapons awake from the Northern Cave, simply cause I know they'll totally look badass with today's graphics (like AC!BahamutX1000) or the Bike Getaway Scene simply because I think I first fell in lustlove with Cloud playing FF7 as a thirteen year old when he crashed through the glass on that bitchin' motorcycle *waves a Cloud fangirl banner proudly*

In terms of the other FFs...I'd love to see that scene in Fabul in FF4 where Cecil meets Evil!Cain for the first time and Goblez comes in and captures the resident Damsel in Distress, Rosa.

Anyway...any thoughts?

PS - please refrain from saying "all of them!!!!" if you can ;)

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Did anyone else notice the little voice that went "aaaahh" when the big creature (bahamut) blasted red, cid, cait, yuffie, and who ever else was all over it away? Was that cait sith's voice? Because it sounded just like I always thought it would. Funny and squeaky-ish ^_^
And barret wears fishnet shirts! :O

and to make this more of a non-useless post, is that release date for the psp version or dvd? or is the psp version and dvd coming out at the same time? O.o
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Lotsa pics!

Hello! *waves* New to the comm... anyways, I managed to get good shots of a bunch of some of the chars you wouldn't normally find a million shots of. I can get more, if you ask, I have too much free time on my hands today :p Oh, and two are of Kadaj, because I enjoy mocking his one particular cutesy expression.

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Yay! ^_^