May 16th, 2005


Hello another AC Trailor.

Hi eveone yes I was lurking around hear never sad nothing yet until now so hear is my find I was wondering if anyone else saw this one.

It's from IGN not the other Advent Children web sights. I was wondering if anyone else found some more Trailors. If you can read the samll print it shows in this Trailors there are some SP to be warn fore the Movie it kind of make me want to see more. but I found this web sight on Ign Messages bords under Final Fantsy. Just thought I would let you guys know if you do know all ready then see it agin. well see you. later.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have that oversized icon that starts off with Aeris and Cloud talking, then Tifa calls him on the phone? And he's all "Hold on, babe. I'm blowin' up."? I tried to look through the communities I'm in that's Advent Children related, but haven't had much luck.

If anyone can help me find it, I'll be extremely greatful and give you one of them I.O.U. thingies o_O...