May 1st, 2005

Guitar Ninjas

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Just a question of quick concern...
I'm trying to let people have some more fun in this here community.
Maybe it's just me, but all this release date stuff is depressing.
So here...What FFVII character would you date if given the chance?
I think that will provide some interesting results.

Personally, I would go with Yuffie. I love a girl who can fight. Plus, she's a ninja for crying out loud!

Our Official IRC Channel!

Our community now has it's own IRC channel.

For those running Windows, go to and download the client if you don't have it.

After you set up your user info stuff, type: /server -m -j #adventchildren_. Then type: /nick (your LJ name). To register, type: /msg nickserv register (password) (email)

For those running a Mac OS, go to and grab JediKnight 2.1, which is what shinra_inc uses.

Type in your LJ name for your Nick, some random crack for your userinfo, then click create. In description, type: Phoonet, Host and Port: 6667, and leave Password blank. Then connect. Type /j #adventchildren_. To register, type: /msg nickserv register (password) (email)

There you go. I hope to see you all there ^^