April 25th, 2005

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New to this community and i'm here for one reason: i'm a big fan of FF7AC. ^.^ I love most of the characters and i find marlene very cute so i'm posting a little icon of her here.
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If you want to use this little icon, credit and comments would be nice. ^^
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People <3

Um... intro post. My name is Sipp, and I'm an ACholic. :P Um, my primary fandom is Sonic the Hedgehog (I expect people are either staring blankly, wincing, or getting ready to mob me :D) but I've been dabbling into the FFs. I am in the process of playing FFVI/III which is awesome, and I'm doing a few sidequests before heading to Kefka's Tower to pwnzer him. OH. And Kingdom Hearts. Big KH fan <3. It's not FF, but it has a few FF characters. ~_~; <33 Cloud, Squall ~ I don't care how angsty he is, he's sex. IMO *shifty eyes*

SO um.. right. I've been hunting about for FFVII but I can't seem to find it :| Angst. I needs me some FFVI :| And Advent Children looks delicious, I've been pouncing upon anything I can find of it. I can't wait. KADAJ-CABBAGE ;__; <3 Does anyone have any idea of a release date? I've heard so many rumours ...

So... intopost-typenyo.

Apparently there are a few trailers out. I have one, I joygasm everytime I watch it. Are there any others anyone can link me to? I tried the official site, most of them don't work :| My crapputer doesn't like flash too much.

And um..! Anyone recommend me any fanfiction involving Yazoo, Kadaj, or both? Any good ones? There was another user who linked their (her?) site, where I believe there was RPing... Diary of Kadaj. That was absolutely awesome ;-; Anything like that I would love. Hell, any good FFVI fanfiction recommendations would be lovely and very much appreciated <3 :| I need sexy reading material. Fanart too. My eyes need pleasuring :D That's also cues for SHAMELESSS PLUGGING. Plug away, my hearties, I have many sockets open.

And~ Can anyone care to explain a bit of the backstory/background of FFVII to the FFVII n00b here? ^^; or link me somewhere. I know some, I guess.

And on another note, does anyone know/care if Cait Sith is going to be in FFVII: AC? Seems to be missing from the trailer/pichas.

.. KADAJ <333 I think my boyfriend's getting jealous because of how much I squee over the trailer, especially Kadaj, Yazoo, Vincent, Cloud~

Any other shameless Kadaj and/or Yazoo fangirls~? The silver-haired-ness is kinda redudant but they're sex. ;-;' IMO, anyway.

So there is my first post :O Hopefully I've gained no enemies here with my blatant FF-n00bishness, and annoyingness :D And um... I haven't broken any rules, right? ;;'

*flees dramatically!*
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