April 14th, 2005

fuck you chelios
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Hmm... I'm pretty sure I haven't shown this to you guys.

Hi. :3 I hope you remember pucchy_chicobo. That's me. I had to abandon the journal due to, um... certain people. >_> Stalkers, no! :D Just "people". -does the quotation fingers-

Anyway, I did this little book thing that is utter crap and super cheap, and it's called If I Was Kadaj. I'm pretty sure I haven't shown it to you guys, and if you're interested, please take a look. ^_^;

If I Was Kadaj...

And since I just pimped out my regular site (>3), I'm gonna pimp out Diary of a Clone! >:D

Diary of a Clone.

.... I love you guys. ^____^;;;
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